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  1. I don't know what may be causing this, try checking output_log.txt on Appdata\locallow Also for some weird reason, when you switch your translation to a random preinstalled translation like Chinese, and then after the game restarts, it loads every mod and translation, solving this issue with mods not updating
  2. And if you try deleting the files from steamapps/workshop/content/457140/<mod ID>, when the game opens, it crashes instantly. Previously, when deleting those files, it forced the game to get the new files.
  3. It's somewhere here, with names and corresponding pictures
  4. I treated this plant like a flower with spores. Florospóro (Sporeflower in English, probably )
  5. For pokeshell, I separated both names (poke+shell) and translated only the last name (Pokecasco). For Dasha saltvine, I ignored "dasha" and just translated saltvine (Vinha Saleiro). Nosh I think it's related to food or being hungry, not so sure about that, but I've translated both names
  6. [Game Update] - 350563

    I think you should click on that X right beside to ice. Probably.
  7. The game is not loading Steam Workshop profile pictures Besides that, everything is working just fine
  8. When a translation on steam workshop is updated, the game doesn't update it, to use the new file we have to: 1) Place the PO file manually on OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods folder or 2) Delete workshop folder from the respective translation and delete on the OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods folder the PO file and mod_installed.dat. After we have to launch the game and install the translation like the first time. I think translations should update automatically because it's boring to do these procedures everytime we get an update.
  9. ONI Not Opening from Steam

    You should also try to verify files integrity on steam to see if there's a corrupted file
  10. There are some strings missing in the template file that we use to make a translation. I've tested with a workshop translation and russian official translation and both presented the same errors. I don't know if should have opened a bug report for each one... In the next pictures, text inside the red box should be in the translated language but it isn't. Workshop translation Official Russian Translation Workshop Translation Official Russian Translation The next one happens everytime you find a hidden geyser, the notification text (inside red box) isn't translated.
  11. Wrong text in codex

    When you open slickster database entries, longhair slickster is with wrong text as you can see in the Picture.
  12. Right now, when I click on translations the game updates, but not every time that it updates.
  13. I was wondering if i can locally play multiplayer with a person using only one copy of the game (I have a sister and she's excited to play the game)