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Share Your Base Designs!

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Exactly what the title says! Share with us, the internet, your ONI base designs!

Mainly I'm doing this so I can get some ideas for how to build my base but shhh...that's not important. :3

Here's my most recent base, The Death Star:



So what do you guys think? :wilson_laugh: (The world is The Rock btw)

Feel free to scream internally and smash your fists into your keyboard about how wrong my setup is, and how I should have x over y, and etc. But please, for the love of God and all that is holy, DO NOT START ANY FIGHTS HERE!! If you're not going to be constructive and partake in the conversation, I'm going to ask you to leave. I really don't want to have this thread locked.


(Also I'm not sure if this belongs here... @ImDaMisterL, should I move this to ONI's Art Music and Lore?)

Edit: Here's a far out shot of The Rock



Yes, all that black stuff is the void.


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17 minutes ago, Lifegrow said:

Debug bases? Yeurgh. Debug is for testing dude, c'mon now :D 


I can't wrap my head around all the complicated stuff that you guys exploit, and I'm not good enough to make a good base. :wilson_resigned:

Besides, I'm here for a fun time, not a hard time.

That and the fact that my computer's below the min. spec for the game, and I only have 75 consecutive minutes to dedicate my time to this during the week. :3

Yes, I use my free effectively. :wilson_ecstatic:

Edit: I AM testing, I'm using The Rock custom world. AND HAVE YOU SEEN HOW HOT IT CAN GET?!



I'm surrounded by neutronium and void. Fite meh. XD

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