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New loyal items?

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Hey there! 

Today when I saw Hamlet trailer I searched for more info about it. I found some articles about huge update coming to DST. 

Then I thought - "Hey, maybe there will be more loyal skins?"

I searched in DST wiki, and I found something like that :



  1. Do you have any idea about those items?
  2. When will it be able to get?

Maybe it's dumb to ask those questions because I don't think anyone of you know how to get that. 

But I'd like to make a discussion about those items here. Maybe you didn't even know about it? Maybe you know a little bit more about it than I do?

Share your opinion and knowledge here.




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1 minute ago, Hunterluz said:

Do you have any idea about those items?

Yes, they are available at Tencent. They're part of the Roseate collection made available to Chinese players to promote the game there.

1 minute ago, Hunterluz said:

When will it be able to get?

No idea.

Welcome to the forums! :)

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Really old news most of you are probably aware of but it is worth noting that Tencent plans to re-brand their game client as "We Game" and open the platform to international audiences. While it was likely a troll who added them as "loyal" items on the wiki the fact they were labelled as "loyal" items is a plausibly credible theory as once Tencent's "We Game" comes to other countries, should Klei allow sales of DST to other audiences through said platform, said buyers would have access to the Rose Collection which is currently only available on Tencent's platform. The fact that a user (Likely a troll.) listed as "Loyal" on the wiki is plausible speculation that, should DST come to other countries via Tencent's platform and players buy it through Tencent, they could have access to some of the Rose Collection skins on other platforms as a "Loyal" item.

I wouldn't pay too much attention to a user editing the wiki as they are likely trolling, but the fact they were listed as a "Loyal" rarity is interesting, especially with Tencent's client coming to international audiences. I would link a new article about Tencent and WeGame but I don't remember if posting links to external sites is allowed on the Klei forums. Keep in mind this is speculation on my part. (Aside from Tencent and WeGame as they are confirmed to come to international audiences. Whether or not DST is available to said audiences via WeGame is unknown.)

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