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  1. Hey! I'm translating the game to Polish. The problem starts when I want to test some things out. I upload it to the workshop, then, when I have to select my language mod in the game, it says to restart the game, okay, but after the restart, my mod is not applying. It worked maybe 2 times, and I tried it about 20 times. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. "Be sure to pick them up, as this may be your last chance to grab the Swoon" Well, from what I know Swoon emote is not the same as what Cherub's heart is, right?
  3. What about Cherub's heart? Will it be available to get again in the future? Yeah, I didn't play in the last year's valentine's day and I didn't get it
  4. How dumb of me, I didn't try that before. I disabled all of my mods and yes, not happening anymore. But like I said, it never happened before. It was probably caused by an update of mod or something. Thanks for suggesting that, I wouldn't try it, because I'm used to play with mods.
  5. So, my screen flickers when I'm placing ground, and when I'm diging. I've made a quick video that shows that : Don't Starve 12.30.2017 - That never happened before. I'm playing on PC but with an xbox one controler. PC specs: GTX 1060 i5-6400K
  6. I don't know if it's a bug, or it's supposed to be like that (but I don't think so). Just look : There's just 160 cactuses randomly lying on the ground (I took a picture when I picked only 140). Just why? It doesn't seem like it's supposed to be like that you know. A long time ago, it happened to me only once but then it was not cactuses but monster meat (then it was in pig village - so it's proof that it's happening randomly) I think that should be repaired becuase it's a big help when e.g. someone is starving.