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  1. Well, yes, I agree, but can't you see, that characters are the main ascpet of a game? Like I said in my last reply, it is the first time I got a little bit upset from anything that Klei did.I wasn't trying to be mean/rude or anything, it's just my inner feeling, that I will have to pay for some more fun. But I will get over it! Let's not argue, we're fellow gamers!
  2. And you think that I don't know about that? I love Klei! They'er awesome! I have nothing against them earning some more money, it's their job of course. But take a look at it, there are more and more skins, more and more skin packs and we need to buy them (or make them by our spools) and if you love DST then it is clear that you will buy some of the skins. There will be even more skins, so there will be even more moeny to get. I have nothing agaist Klei earning money, it's a logic thing, but don't you think, that making the main ascpet of a game not-free is not TOO good idea? And what next? We'll have to pay to play events? I'm not trying to be rude of course, I love Klei, I love their work, they are awesome, to be honest, it's the first time I got a liiiitle bit upset with something form Klei. Let's not argue, we are fellow gamers!
  3. Well, yes, but that's not the same. I miss the feeling of achieving something, just like in DS, you know, the progress bar that was raising up every game and stuff And don't tell me, you wouldn't like free characters too
  4. Oh, so the new characters wil not be free. That's not very cool Klei. That's not what Don't Starve is about :/ I understand the skins idea, ok, they're just cosmetic items, okay, but characters? Really? And where are characters in classic Don't Starve? :/ I mean, it's very good to know, that DST is being worked at and stuff, but characters are not just for looking good, they are for an in-game experience. I'm still happy though, but I would be happier with free characters!
  5. Hey! I'm translating the game to Polish. The problem starts when I want to test some things out. I upload it to the workshop, then, when I have to select my language mod in the game, it says to restart the game, okay, but after the restart, my mod is not applying. It worked maybe 2 times, and I tried it about 20 times. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. "Be sure to pick them up, as this may be your last chance to grab the Swoon" Well, from what I know Swoon emote is not the same as what Cherub's heart is, right?
  7. What about Cherub's heart? Will it be available to get again in the future? Yeah, I didn't play in the last year's valentine's day and I didn't get it
  8. Screen Flickers

    How dumb of me, I didn't try that before. I disabled all of my mods and yes, not happening anymore. But like I said, it never happened before. It was probably caused by an update of mod or something. Thanks for suggesting that, I wouldn't try it, because I'm used to play with mods.
  9. Screen Flickers

    So, my screen flickers when I'm placing ground, and when I'm diging. I've made a quick video that shows that : Don't Starve 12.30.2017 - That never happened before. I'm playing on PC but with an xbox one controler. PC specs: GTX 1060 i5-6400K
  10. "Infinite" stuff?

    I don't know if it's a bug, or it's supposed to be like that (but I don't think so). Just look : There's just 160 cactuses randomly lying on the ground (I took a picture when I picked only 140). Just why? It doesn't seem like it's supposed to be like that you know. A long time ago, it happened to me only once but then it was not cactuses but monster meat (then it was in pig village - so it's proof that it's happening randomly) I think that should be repaired becuase it's a big help when e.g. someone is starving.