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Polluted water destroys walls

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at first, please sorry for my bad english... :(

Now: please see attached screenshot. My pure water reservoir have 2titles wide sides & 3titles wide bottom (before few cycles bottom had 2tiles too). This reseivor contains about 170tons of water without problems.

My polluted water reservoir have 2titles wide sides & bottom, but contains only about 14tons of polluted water and my reservoir gains pressure damage...?!?

In previous game versions my reservoirs can hold same ammount of polluted water and pure watter with same walls wide.


Thanks for any help,



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With this type of damage you should have messages coming. But your list seems full, take off all message on the top left maybe it'll say what's going on ?


Temperature maybe ? Or is it possible that the gases on top of the water are so pressurised it pushes the liquid with more force onto the walls ?

I think we will need some screeshots of stats about your liquid, surrounding gases, walls material to give you more answers. And sorry my english is not so good either :)

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you should check how much polluted water there is in there. probably over 1000 kg of polluted water. I see that you have a skim of clean water on the polluted water what could cause a bug to happen were you get higher amount of polluted water than there should be.

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OK, problem solved (and many new was created... :()

NanoD had right. I had a small amount (about 8kgs per title) of pure water and i didn't know about it... Now pure water is away, problem is solved and all my dupes are sick, because they stayed in water full of germs for long time.

Thanks for all answers.

PS: i think this is a bug, it is reported?

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GrimerX, rezecib, and a few others tested how water pressure works

So a few things if you're too lazy to read

1. Never make your tanks out of Sedimentary rock.

2. Avoid using sandstone.

3. Tile strength goes Sedimentary <<<  Sandstone << Igneous Rock = Obsidian < Granite < Abyssalite

4. Double thick tiles can hold more liquid before cracking.

5. Triple tile of anything can hold as much liquid as you want without breaking.

6. Airflow tiles will never break by water pressure unless liquid somehow got inside.


Back to OP's tank, it's pretty clear that you used Sedimentary Rock on those tiles, otherwise, a two thick wall will not crack with depth of 1 with even sandstones.

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