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How to clean germs out of water?

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It's not necessary to boil water to clean it of germs. Getting it to just over 40 C will already kill off Food Poisoning if given some time. But practically, in the early game I would recommend using your starting water more sparingly and eventually look for the steam geyser.

With the germy polluted water you can make fertilizer and power via natural gas, or just dump it somewhere out of the way. The polluted water that comes out of a natural gas generator should be germ free, so you could catch that (and PWater from air scrubbers) in a separate basin and run that through the purifier if you like.

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Its best to make your Food Water and Bathroom Water 2 separate systems. What I did was make 2 reservoirs: one for Water and a second for Polluted. I pump the PW into the Purifier for the Bathroom and have it cycle back into the reservoir. Each reservoir is 10x10 tiles, so it'll take at least 400+ cycles before the PW reservoir will get full from 6 Dupes adding to it.



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On my last game, I just created a loop between the water used for bathrooms/lavatory and its waste purified. Dupes don't seem to mind showering in water with food poison germs. But, of course , I used this pond of water only and only for bathrooms; not cooking, not hand washing, etc.

Too bad they all contracted Slimeslung due to poluted oxygen

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