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  1. I don't like the idea of diseases management. OK, if you need hand sanitizers or washing basins, fine. But at least make them conected with pipes. I set it up and forget about it. Now you need to much dupe time for washing basins. Also, if you dont build them, they get sick fast. I'm not against diseases in general to exist in this game. But right now it's too frustrating and not fun.
  2. Game should be fun, now it's becoming more complex but not in fun way. IF you needed hydrogen bubbler, it was fun to try build it. Now to manage diseases it's not fun.
  3. Agree that fun is broken. Wanted to play more, but after this update, i dont know if i play. Even think, i spend money for a game i liked, and now it's becoming a game i dont want to play.
  4. I dont agree,. Made more stuff that is not interesting, germs. U need more duped to run around, bring water, take poluted water. U even cant pipe the new buildings. Thats bad.
  5. Agree we dont need diseases, just makes more micromagament, dupes run around more for water and u just sitting longer to build interesting stuff. Game got more boring.
  6. How do you get rid of disease?

    Start a game with strong immunity in custom game. I wish we could that off completly. Why u make game more difficult, that fun.
  7. Thats why i dont like upcomming update:(
  8. Maybe we can have option to turn that all off. Like not even contaminated slime.
  9. Duplicant was digging and needed oxygen. Started to run to main base and stuck in rock (not even close were he digged). before big liquid co2.sav
  10. Some duplicants got stuck when digging ladders. Then i free'd them and they runned to get oxygen. Then i got message that duplicants died and now when clicking the message it shows they are in slime. No corpses are visible. Attached screenshot and save file. Darkest_moonbase_going_not_so.sav
  11. Attached save file. Issue is at liquid pump, bottom right side of base. The Darkest Moonbase.sav
  12. Saved game and clicked MainMenu. Game crashed.
  13. Played first game with agricultural update, new game. Started to build eleictric wires and liquid pipes. Some were not builded and they ignored them. Wanted to cancel, cant cancel, cant deconstruct. They will be not builded. Have the materials as builded new ones higher and they were builded ok. Have save file if needed.
  14. When starting game, you hover over the duplicant and see tooltip of required food quality listed as {0}.