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So, I had my mitts on this newest upgrade, and I've been trying SO hard to keep my dupes clean and germ free.

...Except one of my dupes has decided to pull a Typhoid Mary on me.

How do I get rid of the internal germs? I've tried submerging them in chlorine, I've tried putting them into the medbay, I haven't tried killing the germs with temperature...because I'm afraid I might kill the bugger.

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Once a dupe has gotten a huge amount of internal germs, there's nothing you can do except try to ensure the dupe doesn't come into contact with any new sources and hope their immune system lasts long enough to fight it off. Even if they can't, they'll get ill for a few cycles and recover afterwards. (except for slimelung if they don't get regular doctoring from another dupe) Keeping them in a med bed during their illness (assign it to them manually if you have to) will speed up recovery and keep them from spreading disease through the rest of your base.

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