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Does food poisoning have any special interaction with rot piles?

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So looking at the information about food poisoning, it multiplies in edibles and survives in polluted dirt. However, rot piles aren't mentioned at all, so does this mean that it dies off in them as it does in solids by default? Since rot piles are intermediate between edibles and polluted dirt, food poisoning should either multiply or survive in it. If it actually does, then it should be mentioned in the game.
Also I haven't actually played a save with the update for long enough to see food rot yet, so sorry if spoilage was changed and food turns directly into polluted dirt now.

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I havent had food rot recently, I assume if your food has germs on it when it rots it would multiply since it is technically food stuff and polluted dirt? If it becomes polluted dirt but has 0 germs I'm curious about whether it would even have germs as polluted dirt.

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