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Sending data from master server to slave server.

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Data communication can be divided into two kinds: one is between the server and the client, the other is between the main and secondary servers.
The first, use net_variable form the server to the client , use rpc from the client to the server.
Second, use shard_network from master server to slave server, but what is the way to send data from slave server to master server?
And I found a small problem that shard_network can not send frequently modified data, such as a variable in 1 second modified 2 times, it will only be the last modified value sent in the past.
If I have a variable that needs to be synchronized in multi-server real-time, how can I synchronize the value to the master server after modifying the variables in the slave server? Is there a generic function? For example, I said a word in the slave world, the master world to obtain data, but it seems to be achieved with c++, I would like to ask how to do in lua?
I have been very confused, searched the forum but did not find the answer, hoping to get help. @PeterA @Ipsquiggle
By google translation.

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I've managed to have the forest and cave shards sent data to each other via the io and dofile functions. If I want data to be sent from one shard to another, I have one of them write a lua file which contains the information, then have the receiving shard read the file. I've no clue if this is efficient performance-wise, but it works.



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