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Material specific sweep option

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Hi all

It looks like sweep is a catch all at the moment.  I'd love to see the option to sweep for only a specific material, like polluted dirt so I can move it out of the way quickly.  Being able to sweep up all the algae or fertiliser all at once would also be helpful.


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I'm guessing this isn't quite what you want, but you can select which materials you want to be put into a storage compactor and give it a high priority. So for example if you want your dupes to clean up any polluted dirt as soon as possible, you can build a storage compactor for it, select only polluted dirt and set the priority to 9.

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8 hours ago, Buldric said:

If you really want, you can select individual items and designate them for sweeping that way.

That's probably exactly what he'd like to improve upon (as would I).  It's extremely tedious selecting single items for sweeping, and storage-compactor-musical-chairs is a bunch of hassle finding the one, selecting, changing options, etc.  It'd be a lot, lot simpler if they'd just provide a sweep filter.  It's not like anything else is going on in the sweep menu, other than priority.

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2 hours ago, suicide commando said:

Maybe add a button on junk on the floor, like the sweep button, but 'sweep all' designating all junk of said type to be swept up by yoru dupes at the priority you selected for the item.

But that might not be what you want.  For instance I often (in early game) am mining out a core biome area, and a hatch pops out.  Well now I want to clean up all the algae and copper *in the area that hatch is in*.  I don't necessarily care about other copper or algae laying around in the base in places the hatch can't reach, and I don't want dupes wasting time cleaning it up in other places.  I just want the hatch's area cleaned up of valuable materials asap.

Or, I'm mining out an area below water (and soon want to put in more water making the bottom inaccessible), or in a hot area or something, and want to quickly sweep all the important materials - metals often.  I don't care about metals laying around in other areas that are not hard to access.

Or, I'm mining out slime biome tunnels and want to make sure the dupes clean up all the slime, but I don't want them going after every stupid little piece of slime a puft drops in some other area, or slime in accessible underwater areas, and I don't want them transporting every single piece of slime as they mine it.  A sweep filter would allow me to decide when to pick up all the slime in the area they're working on, in a simple fashion.

There's just a lot of situations that a sweep filter would make dealing with them faster and easier.  And again, there is nothing else going on in sweep mode.  Just the narrow priority bar.  So they have the UI space.  At the same time, clearly putting a list of every material might be a bit much.  But if they could do it like compactor lists where you can check categories, or expand the category and check specifics, that would make it manageable.

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