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  1. Good spotting, That said, I wasn't trying to bump/necro/troll anything, this looked like the most relevant thread, the comment at the top said the post wasn't confirmed by a dev yet so I posted here. The game's machine alerting doesn't tell you if is it's halted by an unfinished pipe. Unfinished electrical circuits will show up red, unfinished pipe was white and hidden by the lavatory. Just a case of fixitating on the wrong part of the map. So... to the next person with a bio filter issue Double/Tripple tripple check the path of all pipes from start to finish, make sure there are no missing connections Ditto for wires. P.S off topic - Is there a way that devs moderators can have a status flag by their name so we know whether we're chatting to a regular user or a mod/dev?
  2. I'm getting this too 4 Aug 2017, 2000 units of slime, power is there, pipes connected, battery right next to the bio distiller and priority is 8. Algae is just not being created. Might have to take a break from this version as colony is out of algae and near suffocating. Trainwreck 946.sav