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any suggestions for vent placement in living/sleeping quarters to create a draught/airflow towards the door?

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im fiddling around trying to come up with a setup that reliably pushes CO2 out into the central shaft without pooling at the far left (i tending to build my living quarters on the left of my main vertical access shaft, which is itself usually directly to the right of the pod) witohut needing any extra power/machinery other than natural airflow.

i usually have my ducts running through the ceiling, decided to try having them recessed two blocks down  under a grate in the (three block thick) floor to (optimistically) displace CO2 to the right as pressure changes when the O2 being pumped in rises, the obvious flaw i just realised being that vents dont care WHAT gas is surrounding them for over-pressure ( as in i somehow convinced myself that it was A-ok if the gas they pushed was different to the one occupying their Cell >.<)

does anyone think a sideways/downwards-facing C-shaped recess might work? i.e the CO2 pools in the bend,with incoming O2 displacing it upwards when a packet of air is pumped in?


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With how the simulation is you won't be seeing much lateral movement so CO2 just pools at the lowest point almost directly below it. If the surface were completely flat until the shaft maybe it will eventually flow that way but the door would have to be open for a very long time. But the best way to deal with CO2 is to use a wedge/funnel shape so that CO2 pools at the bottom of it. You can play around with multiple smaller wedges instead of a single massive one but that would require multiple pumps or scrubbers. 

Or you can use gas tiles throughout all the floors of your base and have one single massive wedge at the bottom to deal with CO2 but that would be pretty ugly and you would have to pressurize the entire base instead of specific rooms.

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11 hours ago, GreatGameDota said:

All you really need is to not have your floors solid and either have gas perm tiles sprinkled in or the entire floor gas perm/mesh tiles. CO2 should move to the bottom right of your base as long as there's space.

but thats the san- boreeeing way of doing it!


jokes aside, im fiddling around  mostly to see if i can get a bit more control over the direction/exact path it goes (instead of just "straight down, and hope it all trickles over the edge of the floors below it), since i almost always have issues with it pooling


been thinking it'd be pretty neat to have a specialised singleblock, SLOW gas pump for this kind of thing

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I once had a 60+ (3 high) corridor with a downward passage on the left with a ladder for entrance. It deadended on the right for design reasons. It was originally filled with CO2 to flush out contaminant gasses. I then wanted to replace with oxygen for dupes to breathe. The whole thing was set up to be a battery/transformer cooler peppernut warmer with air scrubber output.

The CO2 wanted so strongly to cling to the lower right it would not make its way left to the drop off. And instead reached 20+kg of pressure in some tiles.

I have also seen chlorine climb up the right wall of a pit on the back of some CO2 when I would have expected them to just settle comfortably.

Long story short, if you want CO2 to move laterally, then give it a place to go to the right. And the reverse with hydrogen.

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