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Removing Abigail's Flower from Wendy's inventory

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Hey! I am working on an Abigail mod, and I want Abigail's Flower to be removed from Wendy's inventory (and have that be enabled or disabled in the config menu), but I'm having trouble achieving this. I will include the zip! All the code for Wendy is in the modmain.lua.

Here's the relevant part from the file (the recipe part definitely works, it's the actual inventory item that refuses to leave):


if GetModConfigData("abigailflower") then
    GLOBAL.AllRecipes.abigail_flower.level = GLOBAL.TECH.LOST

    if GLOBAL.TheNet:GetIsServer() then
        local function removeabby(inst)
            inst:DoTaskInTime(0, function(inst) inst:Remove() end)

        AddPrefabPostInit("abigail_flower", removeabby)
if not GLOBAL.TheNet:GetIsServer() then return end



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12 hours ago, ZupaleX said:

Wendy probably have some event callback which gives her back the item when she loses it. Or something along these lines. I did not check but that's my guess.

If this is true you may be attempting to remove her flower too early, I would perform a function inside your prefab file that removes the flower after the character has loaded in.

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3 minutes ago, ZupaleX said:

If this is a callback on loosing the item that would not work. You would need to remove that callback instead.

Oh, I guess I didn't think of the function calling if abigails flower is removed rather if she launched the game without it, but it's just a guess since I don't have the game files readily available. :p

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