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  1. Hey guys, we are adding more and more land content and polishing the boating part for the client. It starts to work pretty well sa w I'll try to do a short video on a dedicated server soon.
  2. Thank you for a very interesting opinion. As @SuperDavid said, we don't want it to be too easy to craft arrows as ranged combat is very powerful. Moreover it is fully configurable how much arrows you get from 1 feather so nothing prevents you to put crazy high amount of arrows as a yield if you don't like the difficulty. The bow itself has always been very easy to craft. For the quiver, I agree it might seem like a useless mechanics. Full disclosure: the Archery Mod was my first real modding project and I did not know too much about coding at that time. I used it to learn how to make stuffs like new items, new recipe tab, new inventory tab, new equippable, new actions, new anim for an action, RCP and netvars, etc... The quiver was just a pretext to learn how to do some of these. Then I kind of like it still, but I think I could definitely add an option to turn off the quiver requirement. Maybe it could also be a global thing like you do not need a quiver to shoot arrows, but having a quiver would allow you to stack more arrows and carry more with you. The musket is craftable without the iron ore if you do not have the mod adding it. The recipe checks if that mod is enabled and if not, it falls back to gold instead. Sorry if I went off-topic with the last posts about Shipwrecked stuffs, I should have probably started a new thread. On a side note, I've been contacted by the folks from Island Adventure so we can work together as they did not really do much on the contents part yet. So this is quite a good match.
  3. Hi everyone, as you probably know don't know, I (code), @SuperDavid and @R.Remington (artwork) are preparing some updates for my Archery Mod which you can find on the workshop here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=488009136 I will assume that you either used this mod already or that you visited the mod page linked above for the rest of this thread. This update will include several major changes and it would be nice to have feedback from people who might have or might be in the future using this mod. The first update will focus exclusively on the bow, the crossbow and musket will have their own update later. For the first update, the crafting system will undergo a major overhaul. Only a few main components will be crafted from the classic tab from now on. These are: * The quiver * The bow, crossbow, musket, etc... * A new item family: the arrow carvers The carvers will be the base object from which player will be able to craft arrows (and bolts in the future). It works basically like a crockpot: (Yay at the quiver and the armor being displayed at the same time now) This way allows for much more flexibility to craft arrows as this allows for multiple recipe for a single item. It also unclutter the crafting tab. One of the first consequence also is that now arrows are defined by their 3 components: the feather, the shaft and the head. Unlike before, for instance a standard arrow was limited to a black feather with wood and flint. Now any feather can be used to craft an arrow with a flint head and a shaft made out of wood (or in the case of the screenshot, bone). As a result though arrows with yellow feather, wood shaft and flint head won't stack with red feather with wood shaft and flint head. The reason is that visually they will look different, but also eventually, for a future update, the feather will give different statistics to the arrow. One of the first question we faced is: How do we deal with all of these new arrows which will fill the inventory slots. The solution that we came up with is a "bundle" of arrow that would allow players to stack different types of arrow while keeping track of each single arrow in the bundle. When placing that bundle into the quiver, a random arrow from that bundle would be selected and shot. Does that sound reasonable from a user point of view? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then unrelated with a feedback question I just wanted to share the fact that we will introduce a skin system for the archery items: Meet the new bow family. They all have different "achievement track" to unlock them, and while the progress made toward unlocking a skin is saved server side., once unlocked, the skins will be "linked to the player account" and will follow them no matter the server they are playing on. The skin will be selected like any standard other DST official skin And finally here is a short sneak peek video. The animation/widgets used are just placeholder made/hacked by me in 15 minutes and will be changed by my 2 (too?) talented collaborators before the first update is pushed. Thanks for reading
  4. If anyone is interested -> last land biome done
  5. Sorry about that The explanation was pretty clear, at least to me, so I don't know ^^
  6. I think Lumina said he is not hosting, he is a client only, in the screenshot he posted.
  7. The poison stuff is done for some time now. I started porting the other biomes for fun and mainly for me. Then since it's almost done I figured I could give it to the community. If there is really a demand for a Poison API I guess I could wrap it up and upload it. It's just I did not feel that there was so much expectation for it so I kept on expanding the SW land biomes. As for the Archery I am currently waiting on some piece of artwork and animation to update it, the rest is ready. So I spent my time doing something else. As I already said, the folks from Adventure Island should feel free to take whatever they want from what will come out of this if they judge it useful. I offered my help for their project but never got an answer back so I just decided to do stuffs on my own. I will work on the ocean and boating part after porting the beach just because I find it interesting.
  8. So the magmafield is done as well. I just need the beach (which is the densest new biome) and I guess I'll publish a mod with a compilation of all the lands biomes from Shipwrecked.
  9. I believe you it shouldn't be and that code proves it. I am just asking why it is on the list of prefab to spawn in the tidal marsh room then? You said "if there is ocean in tidal marshes". How is that possible? The ground for all the tidal marshes rooms is GROUND.TIDALMARSH EDIT: I saw a component "floodable" nd I checked it on the wiki. If I understand properly lands can get flooded and covered with water? I guess that's how you end up with seaweed in the tidal marsh biomes.
  10. How can there be ocean in tidal marsh? Sorry for stupid questions but I felt like it would be easier to ask people who actually played Shipwrecked more than an hour (and the wiki seems unreliable and lacking a lot of information)
  11. Is it normal to have seaweed spawning in tidal marsh? It doesn't look right as there is a shadowy thing below it as if it was some underwater shadow. But it is in the list of prefabs to spawn in the tidal marsh rooms. Could someone who played Shipwrecked tell me how it is supposed to work? (I never played it much as I don't like single player).
  12. This will be the exact same prefab than the SW version, just adapted so it works in DST. So except if "pickle it" already added a sweet potato with that same prefab name there should not be any issue.
  13. Is this abundance of sweet potatoes normal or I messed something up?
  14. You want to check a netvar attached to the player instance during the constructor for that player? I might be wrong but I don't see how that be done cleanly. What you might want to do is add a tag to something permanent, like TheWorld. Something like "GameState.RUNNING" or "GameState.WAITING". Then in the player constructor, check for that tag.
  15. Either put ListenForEvent in onequip and onunequip to give permanent stat boost. Of put specific ListenForEvent if you want to affect a particular action (more damages with the bat bat for instance). Then inside this ListenForEvent you simply check player.components.inventory:GetEquippedItem(EQUIPSLOTS.HANDS) and EQUIPSLOTS.HEAD and you're good to go.
  16. They should not worry about me, I am working alone and they have a team on that. I just had some time off this week and spent a few hours on that. Though if people like it I might port other biomes as well. If the guys from Adventure Island find something useful that they did not do yet they should feel free to ask me and reuse it. Sure. You can add me on steam and I will share the mod folder with you. (you will find me under the same name as the the Klei's forum one). I think I am going off topic though with that now. I don't know if I should create a new thread or just update the title for this one. Because eventually it still concerns the Archery Mod: should I make the Archery Mod mandatory dependent of this future jungle mod since all the poison components will come from the jungle, or just suck it up and make it an optional, adding a bunch of conditions in the Archery Mod code to removes the poison part if the jungle mod is not installed? Would you think it reasonable to have an already big mod depend on another big one?
  17. I was expecting this function to return a table of this type but obviously it does not. Well there is a bit more research to do then, sorry about that.
  18. The build is probably messed up. Not much more we can do without more details and/or a link to the mod itself. Also:
  19. I would use GetClosestNodeToPlayer() This returns you a node which have a field "data" containing all the info you are asking about.
  20. Hello Jungle The worldgen is a bit broken for the moment (size of the biome, link to other biome types, ...) and I would appreciate if anyone would be willing to test out a few different configuration for the worldgen and see which ones gives coherent worlds
  21. It's the "opposite". Quotes because the RPC are not for client to set value on the server side, but for the client to request the server to run a function for him. What type of info are you exactly trying to share? I have trouble imagining what you want to achieve with this "waiting" or "running" example.
  22. Well if your client has a different version of the mod that explains the crash log which has nothing to do with what you are posting here for a while...
  23. There is something I don't get. You want to modify that image eventually so you have to go through extracting the image to modify it first. Once you have that it's faster to just recompile it into a new build than trying to hack that image into an existing one.
  24. Your mod is on the workshop? If not did you make sure that the client have the proper version of the mod as well?