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  1. Been awhile, here's some stuff! Shipping requests I got in January: There was a self-insert meme going around for puppet masters: Some nonsense and birthday wishes to @CameoAppearance And a crossover with Turing from 2064: Read Only Memories (which I'll be doing more of probably):
  2. Some pokemon crossover stuff:
  3. Thank you! Here's a couple links: This youtube channel has videos for life drawing (NSFW) and drawing tutorials on how to approach a model! This youtube channel has videos and tutorials by a disney animator! This blog is by a disney story editor and includes a TON of relevant information for drawing!
  4. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    An excellent thread 100000/10 looking forward to seeing more of your incredible stuff!!!
  5. Sketches And Destruction

  6. No, that's actually Clockwork WX, an old concept sketch for WX that was revealed a year and a half ago when Klei was first introducing the idea of skins for DST. Here's a picture form the wiki. Both! I've taken classes but also I've looked up resources on my own. If you're interested in what I like to use online, I've got a couple things I can recommend you!
  7. Some shipping and fanart: Plus a collaboration I did with Lana ( tumblr artist wontstarve)! She did the colors while I did the lineart!
  8. Made this for a DS secret santa art exchange on tumblr:
  9. It's been awhile. Here's a bunch of stuff: ^ This was based on a short story about Webber getting a puppy ^ ^ Based on server shenanigans ^ I also got a couple of those neat figures during the Krampus sale and one turned out to be WX!!! Cosplay: That's all for now.
  10. Happy November 1st, everyone!
  11. OK OK One last one today for the Rose skins: All these new skins are SO GOOD