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  1. I hope it's ok to update my old art thread because HAPPY WX REFRESH DAY!!!!!!!
  2. Hey! I am working on an Abigail mod, and I want Abigail's Flower to be removed from Wendy's inventory (and have that be enabled or disabled in the config menu), but I'm having trouble achieving this. I will include the zip! All the code for Wendy is in the modmain.lua. Here's the relevant part from the file (the recipe part definitely works, it's the actual inventory item that refuses to leave):
  3. Been awhile, here's some stuff! Shipping requests I got in January: There was a self-insert meme going around for puppet masters: Some nonsense and birthday wishes to @CameoAppearance And a crossover with Turing from 2064: Read Only Memories (which I'll be doing more of probably):
  4. Thank you! Here's a couple links: This youtube channel has videos for life drawing (NSFW) and drawing tutorials on how to approach a model! This youtube channel has videos and tutorials by a disney animator! This blog is by a disney story editor and includes a TON of relevant information for drawing!
  5. An excellent thread 100000/10 looking forward to seeing more of your incredible stuff!!!
  6. No, that's actually Clockwork WX, an old concept sketch for WX that was revealed a year and a half ago when Klei was first introducing the idea of skins for DST. Here's a picture form the wiki. Both! I've taken classes but also I've looked up resources on my own. If you're interested in what I like to use online, I've got a couple things I can recommend you!
  7. Some shipping and fanart: Plus a collaboration I did with Lana ( tumblr artist wontstarve)! She did the colors while I did the lineart!
  8. It's been awhile. Here's a bunch of stuff: ^ This was based on a short story about Webber getting a puppy ^ ^ Based on server shenanigans ^ I also got a couple of those neat figures during the Krampus sale and one turned out to be WX!!! Cosplay: That's all for now.