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  1. Anyone else having this when starting or trying to click on the "Guest" icon top right?
  2. Long time duuudee!

  3. Hi, this looks fantastic! I am confused though: Is it usable right now or is it still too early in the development to be useful for the moment?
  4. Pim's Artsy Addiction

    Connected to the forum after almost a year; see my name mentioned in a discussion; click on the link for curiosity sake. Wow that's some great artwork you have here. If only I could have collaborated with talented artists like you without getting ditched in the middle of my projects I would probably still be modding ^^.
  5. Archery Mod [DS]

    I was not keeping this version updated. I advise to subscribe to the workshop one instead. But in case you cannot for whatever reason, here is the latest version with SW compatibility.
  6. I put the consolecommands.lua where you specified it should be placed. The console keep on telling me that he doesn't know the function which I defined inside :-/
  7. Playing Caves (beta)

    Thanks for the command! About windows server setup, it's literally exactly the same than the one you posted, just that the paths of the files are slightly different. But it works like a charm. Just replace this 1. First, make a new settings directory next to your existing directory. For example, if your settings are at ~/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether, then make ~/.klei/DST_Cave. By this 1. First, make a new settings directory next to your existing directory. For example, if your settings are at C:\User\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether, then make C:\User\Documents\Klei\DST_Cave.
  8. Playing Caves (beta)

    Yes, by copying the modoverrides.lua from the master server to the cave one, everything is working perfectly well! Maybe you should specify it in the tutorial in the first post. Also it works perfectly well on windows. I don't know why ou put on step 3 "We assume you already have a dedicated server working on LINUX". By setting the server ID manually, ok but what's the command? Like you point to the cave entrance you poped and do some c_select() c_sel():DoSomethingFancyHere ? EDIT : Nevermind I missed one of your posts about it. Sorry for asking stuffs which were already answered
  9. Playing Caves (beta)

    There is quite some strange stuffs going on with the mods. If you load a multi-server with mods enabled, everything works fine when you are on the overworld. Then you travel through a skinkhole, arrive in the caves and the mods are disabled. If you go back to the surface the mods remained disabled. And thius is just for the client apparently, because if you disconnect but do not shut down the server, and reconnect right after that, the mods are enabled again. Do you have to set up the mods for the cave server as well? It looked like no since I saw in the log of the cave server passing the lines about "Downloading Mods" blabla. But well? EDIT : OK you have to duplicate as well modoverrides.lua in the cave folder. Other question : You mentionned that it's possible top have more than 2 servers on a cluster. How do you specify when you c_spawn a cave entrance "This entrance goes to this specific server" ?
  10. About the colors, don't be decieved by the color filter applied by the game according to the season!
  11. You have to modify the size of the swap_barbaxe.png Indeed for the moment it's just good to be used as a toothpick
  12. Version 0.2.150902


    My 8 Faced Fences Gates that can be found on the workshop. Add a wooden fenced gate that can be place in between two walls only (of any type). If you destroy one of the wall to which it is attached, the gate will break "pop" out". It has 8 faces and automatically adjust to the orientation of your walls. For more information, please see http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=506204512
  13. Version 1.1.150905


    This is the DST version of my Archery Mod that can be found on the workshop. For the complete description, please see http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=488009136
  14. If it can make you feel better, I did the same the first time