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Ancient Gateway Theories/Ruins

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I was always fascinated by the Ancient Gateway so I am wondering what other people thought it was.

Honestly the fact that it restores the ruins may be part of some deal involving an unknown being beyond the portal. At the tablets detailed the Ancients were starving and scared and possibly and something from this dark realm made a deal with the leader for infinite riches and food for his people.

I think this deal had a dark side though. I think this evil being just wanted to have a link between the DS world and the Dark one for an equal rule. And the killing of the ancients was the shadow's attack that also must have failed because of the fact that the world seems to be not totally overrun by darkness.

This also could tie into another theory I had of the sanity creatures being "good" and they are the visually twisted and forgotten ancients trying to stop the player from reopening the Ancient Gateway. I could even go as far to say that the Fuelweaver is a reincarnation of the King of the Ancients but that's debatable.

The only hole in this theory is the fact that the Ancient Fuelweaver seems to be referring to "them" as the sanity creatures

If I wanted to take a Bigger step I could even say that Charlie is possessed or is being bargained by the being beyond the portal. Whatever its just a crazy Theory I have. 

Heck maybe somehow keeping this gateway open spawns the end of the world an event where your world is on the line who knows?

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Not like I wanna misjugde or prejudge or anything, but the Gateway strongly reminds me of Pandora's Box or something, especially since Charlie seems to be more of a Greek-geek, and I kind of don't trust that machinery [Ancient Gateway]. Looks shifty, and I wouldn't trust anything that comes out of it.

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