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  1. I have over 380 hours in both don't starve games and I find adventure mode hard af lol. Idk I never used a guide for adventure mode
  2. The Learning Curve...

    I think hotter geyser water would be a good nerf for them. Forcing you to cool them down or else your base will be toasted
  3. Okay I love this game but it has one pretty big problem. Without a guide which is the way many people (including me) play most games, this game has a steep cliff. Not literally but there is a point in the game where you need to switch to a better power supply other than generators and that's where the "cliff" is. Once you get into the later game a stampede of new big threats attack you at the same time (Heat, resources, running out of water) making it nearly impossible to sustain the first few times you play. Sure the game is around the type of die learn repeat which I am perfectly fine with but when you die too many times at the same spot things get problematic. Now I am not saying make the game easier. I would just like a bit more substance in-between these points. The thing that's worrying me the most though is each new update. The past 3 updates have been adding more end game content. I know that's what most people want as before there was little depth to all of the game's functions but a good game needs to have a sustaining neck to support end game from the early game. I am not a game designer so the best thing I could think of is more options to deal with these threats or maybe a more encouraging view of the outer spawn to help players be willing to not huddle in their depleting spawn forever.
  4. Iridescent Gem Future Use?

    Well now that Forge came out it seems like its unlikely that it will be used for the ruins. Who knows? Battle master pugna says something about a "Sceptor" but that is probably relating to the ancient cane
  5. Could seasons work?

    All great ideas. Also by "seasons" I was being very general. Basically a length of time where you need to adapt to survive. Though this is pretty similar of a thing for Klei to use it in two of their games so I am curious on what the final version of oni will hold.
  6. I know this is would be very similar to don't starve so mention any suggestions down below. Think about how a season mechanic might help the game: 1. Each season could add something new (Mobs and plants) and it also gives you a reason to keep playing the game. Though still end game content would have to be added after the seasons are over... 2. You may be able to fix disease. What if in one of the seasons disease was much more active. You would have time to prepare for this but maybe one infection of a single dupe can be very disastrous. It could be like the start of the outbreak update except it happens later in the game as it doesn't occur on the first season. 3. Uh... this is veering off of being evidence for my point but maybe each season allows you to get a new material? Then once the season cycle is over maybe those season exclusively obtainable materials can interact with each other is cool and science ways. Well since the game is still in early development it is gonna be awhile before any crazy changes happen but something like the don't starve seasons may actually work in this game. Though that is just my silly opinion anyone who is still reading this post your opinion below. I would love to hear what you guys think of this
  7. Is this game worth a try?

    Ok I played it for awhile and its good. Still haven't made it long term but after a break I am back and prepared to face oil I guess... welp here I go
  8. Is your computer strong enough to handle the game?
  9. If it isn't working for you turn of steam synchronization. Just right click the game on steam the browse around properties and you will find it!
  10. Is this game worth a try?

    Played it and even though I don't exactly understand how most of the later mechanics work like plumbing and how outhouses seem to always be reserved by an incoming dupe but nobody ever arrives and next thing you know your drinking yellow fluids 0_0. But otherwise gg I think im on cycle 25 or something...
  11. Is this game worth a try?

    welp my new computer and I am loving it so far even though I managed to die in the first 3 minutes by not knowing how to view gasses.
  12. Is this game worth a try?

    ok... i think i have made my choice now...
  13. Ok I have seen a bit of gameplay and this game looks awesome! But apparently one of the recent updates is really bad or something? I have heard a lot of people complain about "outbreak" so I am at a crossroad weather I should buy this game or not.
  14. Me and my friends managed to make a sort of makeshift adventure mode with some simple modding but sadly it seems like the Divining rod has no audio on dedicated servers. (All players have this issue). The only audio that occurs is the starting noise from equipping the Divining rod. Trying to find teleportato pieces without audio is pretty hard due to the colors and character quotes only occurring once you get super close to a part, Whilst you can here slight differences in sound far away. lua Prefab Divining Rod for dedicated servers included below. diviningrod.lua diviningrodstart.lua