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  1. Try updating to the new OS update. My friend had the same issue and that helped
  2. Me and my friends managed to make a sort of makeshift adventure mode with some simple modding but sadly it seems like the Divining rod has no audio on dedicated servers. (All players have this issue). The only audio that occurs is the starting noise from equipping the Divining rod. Trying to find teleportato pieces without audio is pretty hard due to the colors and character quotes only occurring once you get super close to a part, Whilst you can here slight differences in sound far away. lua Prefab Divining Rod for dedicated servers included below. diviningrod.lua diviningrodstart.lua
  3. I have used a few different mods to recreate adventure mode in DST. It works amazingly so far and is really fun and challenging. Though I have one problem. On dedicated servers the Divining Rod only makes a noise when you equip it. Only one bleep. This is a problem because the noise it makes gives a very clear indication on where the parts are in original DS. And now that is impossible without constantly re-equipping the divining rod. I am wondering if this can be fixed in any easy way with a simple mod because this problem does seem pretty "easy" to fix. I just have almost no modding experience. (I have roamed around the game files a lot though). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have seen this occur only twice but its a major problem... Once in my friends hosted world we eventually had to use the gonext command to find the rook statue and it was replaced by a regular decoration marble statue.