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  1. Is your computer strong enough to handle the game?
  2. If it isn't working for you turn of steam synchronization. Just right click the game on steam the browse around properties and you will find it!
  3. Is this game worth a try?

    Played it and even though I don't exactly understand how most of the later mechanics work like plumbing and how outhouses seem to always be reserved by an incoming dupe but nobody ever arrives and next thing you know your drinking yellow fluids 0_0. But otherwise gg I think im on cycle 25 or something...
  4. Is this game worth a try?

    welp my new computer and I am loving it so far even though I managed to die in the first 3 minutes by not knowing how to view gasses.
  5. Is this game worth a try?

    ok... i think i have made my choice now...
  6. Ok I have seen a bit of gameplay and this game looks awesome! But apparently one of the recent updates is really bad or something? I have heard a lot of people complain about "outbreak" so I am at a crossroad weather I should buy this game or not.
  7. Me and my friends managed to make a sort of makeshift adventure mode with some simple modding but sadly it seems like the Divining rod has no audio on dedicated servers. (All players have this issue). The only audio that occurs is the starting noise from equipping the Divining rod. Trying to find teleportato pieces without audio is pretty hard due to the colors and character quotes only occurring once you get super close to a part, Whilst you can here slight differences in sound far away. lua Prefab Divining Rod for dedicated servers included below. diviningrod.lua diviningrodstart.lua
  8. I have used a few different mods to recreate adventure mode in DST. It works amazingly so far and is really fun and challenging. Though I have one problem. On dedicated servers the Divining Rod only makes a noise when you equip it. Only one bleep. This is a problem because the noise it makes gives a very clear indication on where the parts are in original DS. And now that is impossible without constantly re-equipping the divining rod. I am wondering if this can be fixed in any easy way with a simple mod because this problem does seem pretty "easy" to fix. I just have almost no modding experience. (I have roamed around the game files a lot though). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I wonder what they can add... it almost seems like one last update could add a closure due to the Ancient Gateway being revealed. They wouldn't wait this long to add something like that so you have to wonder what kind of massive addition they can add to the game
  10. I agree in most aspects to your argument. Summer is 100% the weak point of this game. By Default on a blind game people will call BS on day 55+ for their base burning down. RoG kinda was a bit better with this issue by having Spring starts. This means starting in spring you won't have as much Base build up or love into your world so it getting taken away on day 20 isn't that bad. On the other side DST always has a Autumn start by default. Then there is SW dry season which didn't have smoldering but instead had volcanic eruptions. And the 3 warnings to 95% of anyone playing would be enough to scare them away from their precious base. This method that SW uses would introduce a new challenge of trying to survive the heat whilst away from base in a way that better suited the DS fashion of doing whatever it takes to survive. whilst RoG summer just kills you without warning unless you read a wiki or something. At least Klei has 2 new things to do in summer in DST: 1. Cave exploration and 2. Antlion. Granted Caves you could explore during summer in RoG but now the heat doesn't affect anything down there. Antlion is pretty much the Volcano of SW. Tough since he has a proper warning that should be enough to scare people away from base. Plus he is a unique boss and is one of the new main aspects of summer that presents at least one thing to do. I almost feel like summer needs a Warning of some sort. Like how in SW there was small rare windstorms that occurred in Mild season before the giant Hurricane season. Maybe one solution is to add an early threat that can easily burn your base down if your not careful or adding more options to counter base fires so that players will more likely be prepared in the future.
  11. Well since the Don't Starve Together PC requirements are low Klei doesn't have that great of a motive to make a DST mobile. Plus it would be more restrictive and with lag problems that already exist on PC during online play. Probably a very low chance of happening but who knows
  12. Only Host's connection is bad?

    Welp his computer he has said was pretty weak so that would probably be the problem. Thanks
  13. Iridescent Gem Future Use?

    Really?! Never knew that... So that basically throws the "does nothing" choice out of the water. It seems like Klei is saving the player from using wasting the gem for some future event... But as of right now the gem is so impossible to figure out how to obtain blindly that it seems like it is going to be used for a boss. Like how misery toadstool would be implausible to figure out how to summon blindly