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  1. Stag Antlers are a key...?

    Yup it opens the Klaus sack
  2. low fps on windows 10

    Try updating to the new OS update. My friend had the same issue and that helped
  3. you need to host 2 dedicated server. One overworld and one caves one. I beleive there are guides somewhere in dedicated server section
  4. What is the constant?

    Also if each gem represents a world... what does the Iridescent gem correspond to? I mean it has no use but is powerful, cold, and linked to the moon. Well space is also cold too. Does this mean something? I also noticed the the number of gems that can be found in the ruins is 6. Which is the same number of branches coming out of Ancient Gateway in the Methues Art
  5. Ok so if you look in the collection menu the game mention many things that "entered" the constant. But what exactly do you guys think this is? It seems to be the Don't Starve world but Battlemaster Pugna has also referred to something called the "hub" as well. Have we seen the hub yet? The Hamlet gets foreshadowed as one of the descriptions of a pig king background says they came to rule in the constant. These words keep popping up with no answers so what do you guys think all of this means. I personally think the Don't Starve game is in an inter-dimensional universe and the Constant is one of its many dimensions. But with the name of "the constant" its probably much more important than we think. Possibly above our knowledge as of now.
  6. any challenge ideas?

    As soon as the game starts use debug mode and fill the entire half of the map above spawn with hyper dense Polluted Water Containing Slime Lung. Also block off the Steam Geyser with Nuetronium. This is what I like to call the "Below Ocean" challenge and since the latest update is now lagless.
  7. If it isn't working for you turn of steam synchronization. Just right click the game on steam the browse around properties and you will find it!
  8. Me and my friends managed to make a sort of makeshift adventure mode with some simple modding but sadly it seems like the Divining rod has no audio on dedicated servers. (All players have this issue). The only audio that occurs is the starting noise from equipping the Divining rod. Trying to find teleportato pieces without audio is pretty hard due to the colors and character quotes only occurring once you get super close to a part, Whilst you can here slight differences in sound far away. lua Prefab Divining Rod for dedicated servers included below. diviningrod.lua diviningrodstart.lua
  9. I just pick a stack of flowers for instant rot. I tend to avoid picking flowers near bee biomes though
  10. I have seen this occur only twice but its a major problem... Once in my friends hosted world we eventually had to use the gonext command to find the rook statue and it was replaced by a regular decoration marble statue.