The Quest For The McGuffin


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People talk of a mysterious device called the Mcguffin. A device that is said to have many powers and can potentially make one's life a lot better. It is just a rumor though so it could all just be a load of garbage, and the only real documentation of the Mcguffin was all the way back in the 1900's. Come in, two blokes. Who are they? What do they like? Can they dance if they want to? Can they leave there friends behind? Yes, they can. Cause their friends don't dance. But mostly because they decided that going on an adventure to find the Mcguffin without any leads was pretty pointless, so they just decided to break into a government facility and steal a time machine. Wanted forever by the government? Who cares! We got time travel! They set the machine to the 1900's, and set off for a journey that should be well worth remembering


Behold, the roleplay with no effort put in at all.

Basically, add onto the story. That's all. Let the story unfold into a magical journey that can be told to your grandchildren. Slowly weave the characters, adding onto their backstories as they reflect for some reason that you've made up. Create the most amazing, or the most stupidest set of adventurers ever made. What does the Mcguffin do? Does the time machine actually transform into an elevator? Who knows? You do! And maybe the person who posts after you!



1. You can not end the story

2. You can not kill the main two characters, though they can be horribly mutilated if you're feeling that way 

3. You must let the post before you have some sort of effect on the story, no totally disregarding it. Every post has to count.

4. You can not post twice in a row 

5. Your post can't be entirely random. Don't have characters or objects appearing out of mid air, they have to have a connection to the story

6. Try to act a bit in unison with the characters. Have them act atleast a little simulary between posts. No sudden changing into hillbillies.

7. No fighting. If somebody didnt do what you wanted to happen, calm your face, and build off of that something new. 

8. Don't do anything dirty, this thing should be read to your grandchildren!

9. Don't take control of other people's characters in the plot, unless it's really minor, or the person is alright with it.

10. You can't be invincible 

11. Don't be a big troll, or an orc. I mean, if you want a troll orc character thats cool, but don't muck about with other people. They'll hate you and i'll cast you to the underworld.

12. You can't kill other people's characters that get introduced without permission

13. You can only participate if I've verified you as not a knobhead who'll go off the grid and do random things. That's most of you, don't worry. I just don't want any randoms coming in and ruining everything, you know who you are. Contact me via steam/pm/discord/disco place i guess/mail/secretassassinthatdoesntkillmejustdeliversanotesoiguessmailagain and I'll compare you to a door and see if i'll let you participate 

bold means important

oh yeah extra rule 

14. give it your best effort so it'll be good

Current list of Not-Knobheads who like Participate and stuff






And thus the story begins

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Nah, because this requires a lot less of my time. I didn't have that before, unfortunately. Think of it a little more like a forum game role play love child born in a field because for some reason pregnant people always hang out in random fields and it's like "oh gosh the baby's coming and we're in this field." And then it comes and it's covered in dirt and now it's first day of existence is getting a bath which, of course, depends on how big the field is. It could be a corn maze, and the family quickly just parts away the corn disregarding the actual maze because this baby needs a bloody bath

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"Dude, I'm convinced. You've gone insane."
"No, man, I'm serious! The McGuffin is real, I swear. I've been trying to collect info on this thing for years!"
One of the would-be-adventurers slammed an open notebook onto the table in the cafe, resulting in the other patrons giving the pair of friends a sideways glare. The only thing that seemed to be written on it was the words "DEFINITELY REAL!!!which had been underlined and circled several times for emphasis.
"Quiet down." Came the notebook-bearer's friend's response in a hushed voice. "People are gonna call the cops on you if you keep spouting all this weird junk about McMuffins or whatever."
"It's the McGuffin, not the McMuffin. This isn't just some cheapo crummy sandwich you can get at a McDonalds. Legend says this thing can make our lives waaaay better... Or something like that. Don't you see? This could be our ticket up!" The notebook-bearer had not heeded his friend's advice to lower his voice and instead sounded rather enthusiastic, making his statement clear to all the other listeners in the establishment.
"Alright, just calm down. Look. Let's say this stupid McGucket thing is real. How do you suggest we even get our hands on something like that?"
"Oh, that? It's simple! We just have to... uhhhh..." The notebook-bearer flipped through his notes, finally stopping on a seemingly random page. "Says here we just have to.... Break into a government facility and steal a time machine."

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The cafe went silent, the stench of the fellow cafe patron's terrible breath that riddled across the room seemed to vanish at the exact same moment as everybody gave the silent treatment to someone they haven't even recognized as a possibility to exist as an idea, much less as a living, breathing person. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The Head Chef hadn't even been in the room and he too, had stopped participating in the whole, speaking and moving gig. Mostly because he had unfortunately died of a terrible heart attack that definitely hadn't anything to do with the sou chef's terrible cooking. Infact, it was really good, but the chef still died. But was it an accident? Or had the little chef decided to show off his cooking and kill the creator of such wonderful dishes as the "Sappy Log, a literal tree log soaked in an entirely unrelated tree's sap" and try to pass it off as his own? Or to just destroy such horrors? Who knows? Nobody does, they're all focused on the weirdos over there, loudly arguing about some excellent source of protein and oh so delicious. We place a freshly-cracked Grade A egg on a toasted English Muffin topped with real butter and add lean Canadian bacon and melty American cheese. And all that for 290 calories.

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Suddenly someone sitting on the table next to you grabbed your freshly-cracked Grade A egg on a toasted English Muffin topped with real butter and lean Canadian bacon with melty American cheese. You tried to save it, but it was to late. The freshly-cracked Grade A egg on a toasted English Muffin topped with real butter and lean Canadian bacon with melty American cheese had gone.

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