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[Solved] Quick fix for missing "burnt" anim?

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Hi all,

I've been using the Large chest mod for some time and only just realised, that when such chest burns, it becomes invisible, because the used bank (pandoras_chest_large) doesn't have a "burnt" anim.

Can someone suggest a quick fix for this? I'd be fine with just using the in-game effects to add 'black highlight" to the chest, but I don't see where or how to define what should happen when chest burns down...

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Yeah, that would work too I guess, but looking at the code, there's no particular part that says what to do when the chest is burnt, or what anim should be used - I guess this all done by common in-game code?

I'm getting the impression that it would be easier to take the assets for pandoras_chest, actually add a "burnt" texture and animation state, and use that for the mod.


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I guess that maybe it use symbols ? So when the structure is burnt it replace it with the "burnt" anim ? Like it works for armor and stuff like this (replacing a part of the body with a symbol)

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All right, having looked at how the widgetsetup is overriden in cr4shmaster's Magic Pouch mod, I replaced the onburnt method, to use the regular chest animation, scaled up:

local onburnt_old
local function onburnt_new(inst)
local function fn()
    MakeSmallBurnable(inst, nil, nil, true)
    onburnt_old = inst.components.burnable.onburnt


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