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Assemble your Crew! Post your best starting stats!

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These 3 guys are my favorite so far.  Or rather the random stat. 
I clicked the random button for at least 35 minutes :D

What do you guys prefer for your starting crew?
I usually prefer 10+ learning, dupe plus another10+ learning dupe and 10+ strength dupe that way I can double up
the research stations and crush through the research tree in 10 cycles or less.


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On 6/28/2017 at 2:07 AM, Kasuha said:

I only go after strength. They can train other skills, or the skill becomes obsolete soon.

I prefer learning. I would really like to know the diminishing returns curve for leveling skills, but it seems that a high learning gives your dorfs dupes a durable advantage. Although min-maxing for learning can make the early game rough, it really pays off mid-game and beyond.

I'll take strength where I can get it, but the effects don't seem dramatic enough to make it a required stat. Isn't each point of strength something like 10% carrying capacity? I'll take high athletics over high strength any day, and since athletics can be trained, learning == athletics.

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I usually choose at least one dupe with 4 creativity or better.  Aside from that, strength is my only other priority.  In my opinion, learning isn't that important because you can complete all research before cycle 25 with a dupe that started with 0 learning.  It would be more useful if completing the entire research tree was more time consuming.

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