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Save file encoding

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Hey.I tried to decode save in B64, but after that, i no know what to do, can some help me? I started Decryption at position 9, thanks ^^'

The header is 11 bytes long,
        std::string tattoo("KLEI");	        const int TATTOO_LEN = 4;	const int VER_LEN = 6;	const int HEAD_LEN = 1;
Only after those you should do B64, after that you need to decompress the data(meaning using a zip library), again only the data that was B64 decoded.And after that the sky is the limit. Thank you Kevin for providing the needed info.
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Wow! Hey! That looks pretty cool! Are you going to post details about it?

Thank you.Well I don't know if this is the place, perhaps the Mod's / Tools subforum would be a better location, not much to say currently. It started as a curiosity (see what the save file contains), after that I wanted to deserialize the data (this is actually harder than it seems), after that was done, I wanted to see if I can render the terrain, after that to render the entities, and this is currently the version, it can display the map / entities and save a bitmap for that. I do have functionalities I want to add, however it depends on what mood I'm in :chunky:. I will post as soon as I have something that I think is enough for display. Until then I think I will let people enjoy the map previews (if they want to do so), they do look artistic if you get them right :)I think this map contains a little bit to many rabbits (blue dots).
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