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Do you need something new?

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If you'd like to try something a little bit different,  I present to you:

Custom Scenarios (modified map saves):

Scenario 1: The Path Home

In this map the biomes have been blocked by neutronium. You can only progress forward via a maze of openings.  This will limit you on where you can move forward, and make it more difficult to rush Geysers.  You could say the "Goal" of this map is to make it past the neutronium wall limitations and make it to the top of the map.


Scenario 2:  The Great Rescue

In this map two separate groups of duplicants have spawned in two different locations on the map.  This will force you to manage two separate groups of dupes without the ability for them to share a centralized base.  You could say the "Goal" of this map is to bring the two groups of duplicants back together.


Scenario 1 - The Path Home.sav

Scenario 2 - The Great Rescue.sav

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How about nomadic dupes?  They would just have to keep digging, never really building tiles, and little to no farming.  They would always have to keep moving their destroying and building their stuff.

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I've attempted the second one, and let me tell you it is hard.

I waited until I had 4 dupes to institute the split by building manual airlocks on either side of the Printing Pod, with my dupes ordered to lock and unlock each one manually to "trade" who'd receive the next duplicant. A wall was erected between the two mini-colonies to prevent any further intermingling.

Juggling two colonies while trying to get research done is a real brain-bender. Not for the faint of heart.

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