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  1. See title. The tile in which the water should be once it exits the liq. vent is just the gas that was around there. I've done this in an attempt to make a water lock that is more like a stair case. The water pit is 1 by 2 tiles.
  2. My duplicants have spread germs everywhere and I think its due to the duplicants not washing their hands to completion w/ the wash basin. I saw a duplicant start washing their hands but not get rid of any germs when their was enough water at the wash basin. I actually have two wash basins in a row and the duplicant did the same thing at the other wash basin. Now my base is germy and I feel cheated.
  3. When a duplicant adjusts a valve setting that is a tile farther from where they are when they are on a tile on a floor the duplicants position glitches out. The tile can be natural or any built tile. Reproduction cannot be done by a duplicant that is idle on the tile that is on the floor. The game speed doesn't matter.
  4. I can confirm the first part but not the second part. Screen shots are included. For me, I'm on cycle 14 and only really started happening since the recent update. I was playing on x 2 speed and my buildings were only really affected once I've set the priority and some time has passed.
  5. I think it might be because my dupes just never get to toggle the liquid valve because I see the request there. Perhaps I have to try again and see if a dupe w/ no job toggles a liquid valve.
  6. I am having issues with the liquid valve not working at all, the liquid plumbing overlay pipe contents / liquid valve details average flow amount mismatch, and the liquid valve details menu displays not pumping. As you can see in the picture attached the flow coming from the liquid pump is a constant 10 kg as mentioned by the liquid pump details menu. If this is the case then the average flow rate is 10 kg unless the liquid the pump is in is < 10 kg. The liquid pipe is otherwise allowing for a steady 10 kg water flow to my meal wood plants (not in pictures)
  7. Dupe Nikola seems to be using his tool which look like a red door as he is building the message table.
  8. Dupe Nikola seems to be using something that looks like a red door as he is building the message table and possibly when using his tool in for other tasks.