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  1. Number of uses remaining doesn't matter. I've also tried disabling the toilet and confirming that it does not exist in any duplicant's task list before deconstruction. The crash still occurs.
  2. This might already be a known issue. Also. This issue should be low-priority. I've found that if i clear the entire map of all materials... the Duplicant Generator gate needs to be surrounded by a circle of tiles or the game will crash. It looks like the circle of tiles can be quite small (just surrounding the gate), or it can be quite big. (roughly 3/4 the size of the map). But basically if the volume surrounding the gate is a "large enough" empty space of gas the game crashes. But if you surround the gate with a circle of tiles, then you can clear out the entire map of material without any issue. I've attached a sample map. Map Test.sav
  3. I'm not sure if this behavior existed in previous builds, but the following exploit allows you to break "over pressure" rules. It seems that in the current build wheezeworts draw-in so much gas from their roots that they can create a permanent vacuum at their bases. The gases are then released in the cells above the plant. This isn't particularly a big issue in normal cases... unless you encase the wheezewort in a very small room. If you surround the plant on both sides, it will draw all of the gases below it, and push that gas into the space above it. There are several cool features of this, such as the ability to control airflow without gas pumps or pipes, but the issue arises when the space above the plant is also surrounded by tiles. Rather than the plant stifling because the space above it is over-pressure, it will continue to push the gasses below it into the space above it. I can use this "feature" to capture and store large amounts of gasses without any sort of limit. Wheezewort Vacuum.sav
  4. It seems that as the size of constructed objects increase, and the total number of prioritized tasks increases in extremely long games, the duplicants begin to start taking short pauses to decide on what task they should do next. This pause, starts becoming more noticeable and even deadly as the game continues. (Example, completing construction under water, or in CO2/Chlorine the duplicant may suffocate before deciding to do its next task). Don't think it's particularly PC Hardware related. Other dupes continue to work at normal speed while the individual dupe stands frozen not moving right after finishing a task. It seems perhaps dupes don't have a time-limit before making decisions? Hardware Spec for reference: Intel 6700K OC 4.5Ghz, 32GB RAM, SSD, nVidia Titan Xp. Research First.sav DxDiag.txt
  5. Except, the patch notes do not specify that these are intended consequences of death in the caves. Since this does not happen above ground, players do not expect this behavior to occur. Granted they also do not expect a death in the cave to simply bring the player back to the surface.