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Cooling water, Ingame thermodynanics broken?

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It looks like, once small amount of top water is cooled down, adjacent 1000kg water below is cooled instantly to the same temperature.

Look at the water temperature.





After some time, cooled even better.



Hydro Switch and Liquid Filter to limit the amount of top water.



Tested in debug mode, i would try this cooling system in real game.:)


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You dont even need a debug mode ^^

Water cooling needs three steps :

- Cooling the geyser itself : seal it in a abyssalyte chamber, put wolframite wirebrigde over walls, create a cold environement around this chamber by letting mel ice and snow in containers upside. 90 °C --> 40°C
- Cooling this 35 -40°C water in a tank made of wolframite gaz tile surrounded by multiples wheezworths . Dont pomp this water untill its reach 20°C
-Last step, create a water flow  among wheezworths.

Here's a lil movie of it running, Go min 4.05 for watercooling.


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