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Few additions and suggestions for content

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Here is some additions I believe would make the game stronger and more fun...

  1. Small liquid tanks/containers - water, oil, slime and other liquids stored in a 2x3 format used as a storage closer to where liquid is needed. input via liquid pipe. Manual output by duplicants or manually pumped into further piping by duplicant. Usefull to bring liquids to a remote areas and keep a small amount ready even if power runs out for a short time.
  2. Manual on/off valves on liquid and gas pipes just like manual on/off switches on wires.
  3. Critter traps - 2x2 cage that traps hatches, morbs and other critters. Then release the critter to a location selected by player. Also would love a mechanic to see Pufts and Roaches multiply if fed well to create farms / kennels :)
  4. Electrical ceiling fans to cool surrounding temperature.
  5. Compressor to force gas / liquid through pipes even if the vents are in an overpressured area. At a risc for bursting pipes?
  6. Electrical directional 2x1 fans to push gas around.
  7. A machine that combines chlorine gas with water to create something usefull. Washing powder for clothes or footbaths?
  8. A machine that creates Co2 gas from Carbon dioxide and uses it for more stuff - perhaps injecting gold gas into things?
  9. Gas lamps and gas heaters. Maybe even a gas cooking station. All running on natural gas.
  10. More anti-stress mechanics / machines. Somewhere to get warm and dry socks to remove soggy feet?
  11. Conveyor belts or slippery / diagonal tiles to gather critter materials in a smaller area.
  12. Furthermore I believe research should be divided into more and smaller areas with fewer items in each and in the end make the research stations usefull - perhaps producing skill-up boosters for dupes. +1 skills or temporary booster pills?

Hope a few usefull things got in here.


PS the agricultural upgrade is hard - My dupes were stressed out 100% round 8+ and food is a mean challenge...
PPS Why would you build farm tiles when you research Hydroponics at the same time?

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10 hours ago, PinkyDK said:

PPS Why would you build farm tiles when you research Hydroponics at the same time?

I build farm tile for the wheat plant that grow in cold area. Don't know what kind of irrigation it need and if i need water to be cold, so this way i'm sure i will not destroy my ice biome, and anyway, they give enough seeds to replant them even with "ok" harvest, so i don't bother with hydroponics.

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On 5/26/2017 at 3:24 AM, LeadfootSlim said:

The obvious end-game use for research stations is synthesizing materials or otherwise converting one object into another. For example; if we're to find buried artifacts and other such sundries, it'd make sense to crack those particular treasures open as a Research project.

Other material conversions could include generating Slime through some form of absurd chemistry using Dirt or Fertilizer, sifting through Dirt or biome-specific minerals for a chance to find seeds, or maybe turning Coal into diamonds... not that we need diamonds.


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On 2017-5-25 at 1:55 AM, PinkyDK said:

PS the agricultural upgrade is hard - My dupes were stressed out 100% round 8+ and food is a mean challenge...

How the heck? What have you been putting them through? Did you flood the base and not mop up? I would consider it a challenge to hit 100% stress so early. The only thing I can think of is sending them straight in to a slime bio with no air, then queuing up a 20 tile dig order at the bottom of polluted water meaning they are in there for cycles.

I find if I keep them in breathable air, keep them dry, keep the floors swept and keep ugly buildings out the main paths you can keep them sub 20% stress. I have a single massage table at 25% stress in case someone does get soaked or goes out in to the wild for long periods.

Mess tables and beds of course.

PS: I like a lot of your suggestions. Especially the animal stuff like trapping and breeding. Need a renewable source of meat and a reliable way to move critters.

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