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  1. We have a lot of overlays, however 1 thing I wanted since starting to play is this: I would love a busy-meter - a way to measure how busy my duplicants are... Maybe an overview of the total amounts of dupe-cycles I have in queue or some way to tell me if I have too many tasks compared to my amount of dupes. 3 x Hamsterwheels used with 600w draining would cost me 1½ dupe pr cycle to keep running computers would cost 1-2 dupes pr. cycle depening on priority Taking care of plants would cost 0,05 dupe pr plant pr cycle perhaps Feeding the Mush Food maker would cost 2½ dupe pr cycle Using toilets would cost x Stressed out dupes cost x In total I have base jobs running me so many dupes pr cycle to make everything work and then we have construction, digging and sweeping orders. Might be lots of work but Im sure we can get a solid easy way of showing if we overtask our duplicants instead of wondering how they waste their time - even though Im sure the new update will make them waste less time picking up small amounts of water
  2. Someone will find a way to kill dupes fast - but implemented in a way that won't bug down the game and people might enjoy it as an alternate game mode. If however you only get a dupe every 15-30 minutes players might think twice about rejecting dupes?
  3. I would love to be able to built Signs. So that above my cuts I can build a sign 2 tiles wide and 1 tile tall and write a dupe name on it. I'll be able to label my caves so I can remember what I intended to go there or name 1 power room for what I wanted it to power. Nothing at all necesary however but makes it easier for my memory and could make a base look more awesome. Who wouldn't want a sign above the kitchen saying "Hells Kitchen" or "Fire in the hole"???
  4. Yes, lets see... The doors however will be a hard job to use as my case is about keeping my gardener from delivering to everything BUT the plants and that will be a nightmare to setup.
  5. [Game Update] - 221295

    That would be too easy, Queen
  6. Thank you for the reply - When I wrote my suggestion I honestly thought about wether people would bring it up and I decided not to waste text on it. Locking out dupes with doors are ofcourse a possibility, however making this would be so difficult and time consuming I think it would kill my base while getting settled. It does take time to double up on most fascilities just to make sure specific dudes can do specific tasks. A solution could perhaps also be obtained by combining the harvest-job with fertilization... Shouldn't change the game much - just make it better IMO...
  7. I would love a bottle station / tap valve that can be connected to pipes...
  8. If I want a duplicant to be a gardener I cannot currently get him to fertilize plants without also delivering everything around the base unless I restrict him. Usually it means he will run around doing other things and forgetting his plants... PS. I would also love to use irigation (hydroponic tiles) and switch off the fertlization part...