A COMPLETE rework for merge of Shipwrecked and RoG DLC's

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Since DST is a great project so far, I think I have some really great idea's for a complete rework, that makes some similar mechanics to DST for Shipwrecked/RoG.

--Making both DLC's in same world--

Since having many worlds might complicate the mechanics sometimes, why not making an options for just making them both in a same world? For example, in DST caves you sorta have zone mechanics, that are ruins and caves, adding this mechanic, it could be possible to make seasons between SW and RoG still separate and shift from one to another by entering the zone. You still get shore around the areas of RoG, to actually get into shipwrecked zone with shipwrecked materials.

--The season disasters--

Bosses spawns once a year, such as if you stayed in the zone in which the boss spawns and quickly jump to other zone, you still going to get the certain boss that was coming for you from the area no matter where you end up running away to (besides the caves). The volcano season only stays in shipwrecked, unless you run away to the RoG zone, then you have to deal with it until it ends. Smoldering will happen no matter where you are, since flingos are a thing. Rain happens in both zones differently, same for hail, but hail would be a rare occasion on RoG, and the hail would do 1 damage to a player, creature or a boat (but not a sturdy structures like stone or thulecite walls).

--Lag issues--

Having a world just that size and having it all generate simultaneously ... not a problem! The chunk would only generate with DST mechanic, in the chunk you are at, nothing does or goes anywhere unless it's in range of a player. Creatures like tiger shark would only be active while the player is in SW zone.

--The Portal Thing and Portals--

The parts will be all around the world, but not in the edges of the world. They would have a spawn and set piece range from a player, or the base thing itself. The pieces may appear in shipwrecked with their own set piece of the zone.

Shipwrecked portal would be disabled, or unless should have use for as an "alternate wormhole" to travel to places, but the parts are limited and only found in ruins by killing ancient guardian, he would have a piece for portal 1# and portal 1#, as only be able to travel between those two particular in the same world (but not for travelling from caves to surface or volcano). The portal pieces would have a number on their names to see which is which.

--A remake for renewable ruins--

With that size of the world and progress, just please, if you like this suggestion and decide to do it, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make it happen. ;-;


The areas on RoG world should be special, they would have Shipwrecked zone, but there would be from 1-3 coast areas on the map just to be able to get to the open sea.

--Balances and new features--

Balances would be really nice, and maybe some few new features to Shipwrecked, and possibly ruins.

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I think the islands in shipwrecked are too small. they should each be much bigger, like the area in reign of giants, so you can do plenty of stuff on that island and then later build a ship to sail to other islands, which might have different climate so if it winter starts on one island you can sail to another island that isn't having winter. Also, the cargo ship should be able to hold chests and iceboxes and other machines in the cargo slots. holding only 6 items doesn't sound like a cargo ship. 

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