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  1. combination remaster

    anyone else have any thoughts about this idea?
  2. Were Wolf Man

    any one? thoughts?
  3. I'd like there to be a persistent werewolf character to play as. it's perks would be the ability to fight without weapons, using its claws, and enhanced strength and health/recovery and can eat meat, including monster meat, raw without any problems. would also not be bothered by rain and has insulating fur for the winter which might give it overheating problems in the summer. it would become hungry faster when fighting though. might also have faster running ability that would also make it's hunger increase at a faster rate when used. what do the rest of you think of this idea?
  4. combination remaster

    yeah. don't starve also needs something to keep the gameplay going. after you've setup a base camp, it becomes a daily grind of going out and hunting for food. season independance of the islands could help with that too. the days could stand to be a bit longer too. time goes by so quickly, it's hard to get anything done.
  5. I think a remaster that combines don't starve, reign of giants, and shipwrecked should be made. in short, this would be shipwrecked but with much larger islands. islands big enough that you'd actually spend a good amount of time on each one doing things and you wouldn't have to waste most of your time sailing around.
  6. larger islands

    in don't starve: ship wrecked. I think the individual islands should be much bigger so we can do significant things and spend a good amount of time on each island so we don't have to be sailing around all the time.