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  1. combination remaster

    would anyone else like to comment on my idea?
  2. combination remaster

    Another idea to add to this is to have hills and valleys, so everything isn't on the same plane. The characters could also be allowed to jump and have more actions. Also, the camera angle could automatically change when you go behind something, like a hill, wall, large tree, etc. This, I think, would help make the wilderness feel more real because it'll make disorientation more likely, just like if you were lost in a forest in real life. also would help keep things interesting and help promote exploration. the camera angle might also be a bit lower too. this could make it better for console gameplay as an action adventure game.
  3. combination remaster

    anyone else have any thoughts about this idea?
  4. combination remaster

    yeah. don't starve also needs something to keep the gameplay going. after you've setup a base camp, it becomes a daily grind of going out and hunting for food. season independance of the islands could help with that too. the days could stand to be a bit longer too. time goes by so quickly, it's hard to get anything done.
  5. I think a remaster that combines don't starve, reign of giants, and shipwrecked should be made. in short, this would be shipwrecked but with much larger islands. islands big enough that you'd actually spend a good amount of time on each one doing things and you wouldn't have to waste most of your time sailing around.