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Mod compatibility for regrowthmanager component

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@PeterA or @Ipsquiggle

Removing certain mods can cause the game to crash. In particular, there's an issue in this regard with Rezecib's Rebalance and possibly other mods that use the regrowthmanager component. Recezib's Rebalance adds regrowth for ferns and fireflies, and their values are saved, but since they aren't registered in the vanilla component, its OnLoad function crashes if the mod is no longer present.

Changing line 255 in data/scripts/components/regrowthmanager.lua from

regrowtime = _internaltimes[k] + timerdata.regrowtime,


regrowtime = (_internaltimes[k] or CARROT_REGROWTH_TIME) + timerdata.regrowtime,

would solve this issue.

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Mathematical operators have precedence over logic operators, so your code is equivalent to

regrowtime = _internaltimes[k] or (CARROT_REGROWTH_TIME + timerdata.regrowtime),

I assume you intended

regrowtime = (_internaltimes[k] or CARROT_REGROWTH_TIME) + timerdata.regrowtime,


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