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Inventor's Workbench - Duplicate those Blueprints!

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One of the biggest downfalls of DST is that so many things require blueprints, of which you get only one.


Perhaps an Inventor's Workbench could change this?

Inventor's Workbench

4x Boards, 2x Cut Stone, 1x Green Gem (the Construction Gem)


Construction Paper

2 Papyrus


Use a feather pencil on Construction Paper when near a Structure or Blueprint in order to make a  blueprint for structure/copy of the blueprint.

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2 hours ago, Electroely said:

Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of killing a boss multiple times to get blueprints for everyone?

Depends on blueprint in question. You still need boss drops for furnace and lamps, but packing paper and mushcaps could be shared.

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4 hours ago, Destros09 said:

Not just rare blueprints,

say you are the only one capable of making life giving amulets, and you make a blueprint for it to give to someone 

You could just visit the Shadow Manipulator and learn it or make it for them until they stop being too lazy to do so? This suggestion seems like a bad design choice simply because its not useful outside boss drop blue prints, where it defeats the purpose of them being boss drops. I mean end game servers already want to farm the bosses for other reasons, so there should be plenty of blue prints going around provided the players were capable of killing the boss in the first place. The only reason I could see copying blueprints being useful is if for some reason you want to mass produce end table blue prints and do not want to make a bunch of hammers to do so...

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