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  1. Ummmm... I disagree. I for one find that smoldering mechanic is interesting because you find ways to avoid it. Me and my friends enjoy the fact that I make a summer vacation home in the oasis or the caves to avoid smoldering. To avoid it you have to either build the expensive ice flingomatics or no which locations do not suffer from smolder, and the fact that you have to build a separate home and pay attention to the features of a season like that separates this game from other survival games. For the record there are other ways to deal with summer smolder like flingos or just simply paying attention and having a luxury fan, but making a separate home is easier and more fun since people often times want to explore the caves or see what an oasis base would be like in the much longer running servers. (In this case: avoiding it is dealing with it. Building a base in a smolder free area is a clever use of mechanics that new players would not be aware of.) What I believe residays was saying is that people are not avoiding it because it is a bad mechanic or it is unliked as you would suggest. Removing a mechanic because people actively found mechanics to avoid it makes absolutely no sense and under that logic we should remove hounds because most people make death traps for the hounds where they just stand there and watch them die. If you personally do not like something doesn't mean the community is in agreement with you... You should be aware of this before you make a post in the suggestions section, and yet you are getting defensive and argumentative with everyone who says as much....