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  1. The death animation of fuel weaver implies interesting things. Thorny vines springing up to hold it down, then the appearance of rose in end... I think Charlie wants us to have the thurible (she made it from fuelweaver?), as Wickerbottom quote says. Perhaps, we will need to lead one of the reanimated skeletons somewhere? Or socket the thurible somewhere?
  2. I think that the Antlion is fine as it is. It seems to be not a boss, but a replacement summer giant. Something one can solo without expending lots of resources.
  3. Atrium of ruins probably refers to the "Heart of the Ruins". Judging from Maxwell's quotes about different states of Thulecite Medallion, this might be the source of the nightmare cycle. Perhaps, a rework into full fledged raid boss?
  4. Any info from dataminers? Curiosity is killing me :p.
  5. Probably the reason antlion sound files had several samples for eating. I speculate that you could feed him to gain something. Perhaps, to put him to sleep to prevent/control sandstorms, sinkholes and cave-ins?
  6. Found mine in deciduous forest, during second autumn. Gem-eyed deer might just be Krampus-Claus minions. Their attack sfx looks really cool, though.
  7. Last day(?) thoughts on the teaser: Mini signs: You will have to use an item on the sign to give it a picture. Item will not be consumed in process. Bundled supplies: Crafted from rope and papyrus; Use it on stack of items to bundle them up. Unicorn/Deerclops hybrid: Both of deers might be a same creature. During mating season they might just grow a horn. Royal Drops: Is it an implication of more than one drop?
  8. Well, there will be more interactions between player and their pets and both could be regarded as a herd, so...