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How does one play as Warly?

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Maybe I'm missing something here, but I finally decided to play as Warly after memorizing all the great recipes. I had a spider nest handy, 12 advanced farming patches, a few jerky racks for fish morsel conversion, coffee plants, and I even discovered the two doydoy fairly close to each other.

However, despite all of these factors and keeping a varied diet, I always found myself to the brink of starvation, particularly on those long sea voyages. I couldn't seem to stockpile enough food for them because I was already eating it all due to his high hunger drain.

Is he just a character that one needs early momentum of food hoarding to succeed, or are there other things I could try? I'd love to try him again, as I deleted my last save for spawning a meaty stew in.

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I would what to see what you do. Cause this kind of amazes me ok first you can eat the same dish twice and have no negatives
In  SW fishing is going to be your main source of food so trawl nets and fishing rods and mussel sticks. You can also eat crockpot foods that damage you for Warly takes reduced damage from negative effects of food.

Getting a bird cage is the most important thing to do farms less so as eggs let you cook his special recipes.

Your main foods should be 
meatystew eat only at 50
also using ice and fish you can make ceviche

If you low on meat you should make
monster tartar
monster lasuana
also ratouuie only using mushrooms it makes a great travel dish to space out meals.

3 hours ago, Destros09 said:


Warly used to be good, he was nerfed to be weaker than Wes though


No he just takes a lot of planning and knowlegde of the food system

If you don't have many foods you will have to watch time closely for his timer to run out


Ice and mushrooms would be the best for fillers

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3 hours ago, voyager156 said:

This is not true! He gets increased negative effect.


nope the flat damage of monster lausanga is 20 Warly takes 13 damage instead the wiki was wrong for the longest time till I pointed it out

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3 hours ago, voyager156 said:

just tested this with Warly, and I'm an idiot... You are right.

No going to lie but I was waiting for that comment

You have nothing to be ashamed of though Warly is underplayed like most SW characters
As far as I'm aware on the wiki most haven't touched his page until I started editing.
and I'm not the best Warly player either still got to learn about the guy but I have to love him cause he so different.

Anyway enough smugness 

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