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What type of server do YOU guys want in Don't Starve Together, and I'll make it!

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Okay, so I've been thinking... creating my own dedicated server without getting anyone's perspective here was perhaps a bad idea. 

So, this is why I'm doing a VERY basic poll here to see what type of server you guys would like to see in don't starve together. I've got the resources to make really any type of server that's dedicated (Meaning anyone can play without the admin on) and I would love to hear some ideas... like I said, you come up with the idea, and I'll make it!

Whichever server idea seems to be the most popular, I will create and notify everyone when it's ready to play.



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Cooperative, endless, very few mods (I like minimap, the one that gives hp strength, and basic stats about yourself).   


It's interesting that nobody replied given all the complaints players are having about the public arena.

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