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Duplicant Diversity forced?

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Initially when I joined the alpha, prior to the beginning of the experimental branch at least, it was possible to see the same types of duplicant overtypes (i.e. Meeps, Stinkys, Maes) that you already had currently in your colony come up in the randomized duplicants every 3 cycles. At some point in the updates to the experimental branch it seems as though duplicant diversity is now enforced. I recently had the interesting idea to replicate Vault 108 from Fallout, a vault inhabited exclusively by clones of a man named Gary, except I was going for only Meeps. It makes perfect sense to prevent a player from starting with a crew of 3 of the same duplicant overtype but in 216 cycles I have never seen a Meep generate as one of the three possible duplicants which means I probably was also not seeing any Ottos or Stinkys as those were the other two starting duplicants I began with (I rejected all duplicants if there was not a Meep, colony size remained at 3 until I had no choice but to add on 4 non-meeps to handle the work load I was building). I get the premise of enforcing some measure of diversity in a colony to try and avoid boredom or annoyance with people who keep getting the same duplicants randomly generating but some people actually LIKE that. They are DUPLICANTS! Clones! I'd wager more people than me are interested in having at least some acknowledgment and play on the fact that your colony is inhabited by printed copies of another person. There should not be a lockout on duplicant types in the randomly generated duplicants after your starting crew. Perhaps a lower chance to generate the existing types you already have but not a complete prevention.

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11 hours ago, tehMugwump said:

@RemyG, is it not enough to rename your new dupes to whatever you want, or are you hoping for the exact same role of the dice?  I'd think it would be easy enough to shuffle for a dupe that looks the same, then just name him Meeps...

The goal of meepton was to only have duplicants of the Meep design all with the name Meep. Not Meep 1, or any variation, just Meep. Yes it would be confusing, but that is the point of vault 108, and the goal of Meepton. I don't care about stats or traits, only names and identical appearances.

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