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Question About Glommer

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There is a pig house one screen away from my base, but as i said i tend to not stay in my base often and i'm under the impression that time freezes on areas you are far from unless that was changed in DST? Plus i got Glommer on Day 11, the pig nearby got killed by a treeguard on day 9 and did not respawn until day 14 but then again i was not in or near my base when it respawned, it died again on that day by the same treeguard(which is literally camping next to the pig house) and respawned again a few days later which again i was not nearby my base.

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Glommer may be gooping behind an item, just hold spacebar(or whatever auto-use is bound to) to see. I usually leave for a while and when I come back glommer is slapping himself atop a mountain of poops.

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