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A Thermal Upgrade Story (Picture Heavy)

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So after my colony lived for over a year i thaugh its time to start a huge build project to secure the future of the colony.

They worked months building a big tank inside an ex-ice biome. OxygenNotIncluded_2017-03-23_19-33-39.jpg

It had only a small drawback it was cleared by connecting a steam gysir to it... so a good part had to build under water witch was a bit challenging,



When the tank was done and i started to pump water from the outside into it i spot an anomaly.


Knowing that this could end bad when this pocket get released i installed additional airlocks arround my base... and then the nightmare began:




The dupes tried as hard as they can to suidice in the steam to repair lost equipment, witch seems to be more worth then their lifes.
It took alot of nerves and frustration to finally get them out of the area and close all airlocks without ppl getting stuck behind them.


Most looked like the poor Devon after the accident.OxygenNotIncluded_2017-03-23_21-56-00.png

And 2 died lying full of pain starving on the medbeds.

Still a month after the accidient the colony is still fighting the steam.OxygenNotIncluded_2017-03-23_22-18-47.jpg

The temerature of the base is slowly rising and some dupes have the important task to cool the walls to keep the others safe.OxygenNotIncluded_2017-03-24_17-51-26.jpg

At least when everything is over with maybe takes one or two more months cause the steam has still filled big areas in the buttom part of the asteroid,
the dupes wont run out of water for years i guess and also proofed that the tank itself can hold the pressure.





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i have no clue how and when that huge steam pocket filled up... perhaps a in-game year of slowly increasing from the geyser? or a bug?


edit: small feedback to the devs:
the performance was most time super.. playing nearly always at 3times speed.
when the steam went crazy game freezes sometimes for few minutes and windows wanted to close it, i just said wait for the reaction of the program and after some time game worked again

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you got all that water coming from a geyser and I get this7AD6084FE46D1628A4DCD1A4D30DE7A2BBB3D9D8top left air is about 8k the little pocket is about 5 k the hall is less than 2k and the water is moving like pudding for absolutely no logical reason. it should have been shot out of there like a cannon

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5 minutes ago, Duvinn said:

I found a Geyser in a 8x8 clearing and the water is stacked up to over 10k KG. I'm afraid to dig into it. But 2kk is nuts! RIP Dupes...


they still alive.. cycle498 atm :) but still not all steam condensed... and a lot of lower biomes are flooded had already ladders going down and water is slowly going down and filling them upOxygenNotIncluded_2017-03-24_20-51-35.jpg

the 2 heroes saving all atm :)OxygenNotIncluded_2017-03-24_20-53-44.png

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4 hours ago, Ralle030583 said:

i have no clue how and when that huge steam pocket filled up... perhaps a in-game year of slowly increasing from the geyser? or a bug?

Geysers expel steam and water until they fill the confined space they are in, if the water level increases enough to completely fill the tile the geyser is, a "overpresure" message appears and no more steam or water will come of it. But if a bubble of steam manages to get stuck in the geyser's tile then it will vent endlessly until that tile is filled with water somehow.

An example, here only the uppermost geyser has vented all that water/steam:


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