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  1. have the same problem, dupes makeing messes, suffucate or get somtimes stuck juming on and off a ladder until they suffacte on fast speed, loweing speed solves this, sometimes they even suffocate 1 tile away from the oxygen they would need
  2. Dupes seem to have same priority on ladder and firepole.. they just pick the first they encounter.. would prefer that they would use the pole down and the ladder up...
  3. tried to place the 2 things it in different ways, with tiles under it or airflow tiles, canceling and replacing didnt helped, reloading the save also didnt helped Edit: attached the save file Crater.sav
  4. ok helping with de translation (after the pull request ins github is pulled)
  5. have the same bouncing and mass increasing when cooling down gases like co2 for storing in solid form. even when no more co2 is pumped into the room and its vac its raises in mass after next save and reload it changed to a mineable block of co2 f.e. witch can cause gamecrash when mined but more important blocks the sealed liquid gas container i build