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How to deal with 50 Decor expections?

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Iv managed to jam too many hours in this game now in two separate bases.

The first started to die off around 55 cycles due to a stress spiral which had a couple of contributors which i blame on it being my first time haha

Now the second has reached 65 days and the stress is spiralling again. 

This time have been more carefullt with the placement of things but the thing that is tripping me up is the decor!

A number of my dupes have reached 50 decor expectation and even while sitting on a massage table surrounded with stuff the stress drops but painfully slowly!

Is there anyway to still manage this or do i need to kill off my faithful slaves/minions once they get too needy?

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I have been doing just that and it was fine for long time but in the last 10 cycles or so it's climbed out of control.

The only real way for me to add more is to start demolishing everything and start again D:

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Some dupes with high decor expectation from the spawn(like 10-15 and higher) will get TOO stressed in late game, and the massage tables won't do anything. I'd suggest you to kill them( in a gas chamber ), use them for spawning morbs (-> contaminated oxygen -> liquid oxygen -> pure oxygen) and bring new dupes with low decor expectation ( <0 ) to prevent future stress problems.

Thats what i did. Their spawn skill doesnt matter because in time they will grow in all stats.

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Thanks for all the input.

I think ultimatly it just falls down to poor planning!

I started again now and left more space for decor so I guess I'll see what happens this time!

This is kerbal space program all over again!

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Might i shamelessly plug my Ultimate guide to Narcoleptics to address your problem? :D
Narcoleptics are fairly resistant to stress.
They come with a permanent -0.033%/s stress buff, and don't actually require any additional sleep,
thus negating the "interrupted sleep" stress debuff too.
It's quite hard to stress them out, and requires a combination of stress debuffs to even get them off 0% stress.
The low decor stress debuff is actually +0.0167%/s (not 0.02%/s like it says in the tool tip) which means
just the perma -0.033%/s stress debuff for being a narcoleptic would be the same as both negating the low decor debuff, while at the same time getting the high decor stress buff.


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