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Can someone update me on the status of caves?

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24 minutes ago, TheKingofSquirrels said:

Can you use caves to escape summer and winter, or is it still dumb? 

In winter you still freeze, even a bit sooner and longer than on the surface if I'm right. However you don't overheat during summer in caves (unless you stand right next to a huge fire) and there is no smoldering, which is a really big advantage of cave bases. No need to protect the base from fire, bushes, tufts etc don't get withered. 

So yeah, it's different from DS's caves. Actually, I played DST before DS and I was honestly surpriced when I got overheated in the ruins...

It's true that it can be raining in the caves, and I believe that's independent from the surface. And sometimes it can rain in winter too, but that's rare. 

Also there are the boulders mentioned by Destros09, they fall 2-3 times during summer if you don't pay tribute to the Antlion. These damage you and things around you, later can be transported similarly to the sculptures and the suspicious marbles.

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