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Why deerclops? Why?

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Deerclops ladies and gentlemen, deerclops why does it do this when we accidentally use a fur roll? Why does Wolfgang fear him? Why do I shiver when I read the words "Sounds like big strong man is coming" I'll tell ya, it's the base destroying. Its three day spawn frame scares us all. I have multiple runs ruined by deerclops, here is a couple of examples: I'm being chased right into a MacTuck hunting posse(wearing heated clothing), The tiny animation in which when you go down a level of hunger as Wolfgang the deerclops takes advantage of it... by going right to my base!!!! Drying racks last!! Going to fast that I lose him. And lastly hounds find him first(how am I going to make a houndius shootius without an eye) There, anyone else with me?


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Or, in my case, in the desert...right near the Dragonfly's lair.  Although that was by accident, that didn't stop it from being awesome!

:D  (Too bad it was too dark to see the fight properly.  Heh.)

Generally I try to at least be away from camp when I start hearing the creepy heavy-breathing, then lure him to...something, that will either kill or at least distract him.  If you're not there to SEE the last beefalo get slaughtered, it doesn't happen!  And he doesn't finish the fight and walk away looking for something else to smash...


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those traps though

On 3/7/2017 at 4:52 AM, Cyborgspaceninja said:

you need a walking cane to kill him

wrong, it just helps

On 3/12/2017 at 9:32 PM, iLostSouli said:

Am I the only one that used chester to tank him

but he hits multiple targets aka aoe, so rip chester

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