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What was Maxwell/Them's purose of making Maxwell's door in the real world?

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Perhaps this is a redundant question but despite pulling the lever, I'm confused by the fact the shadows pushed Wilson into making Maxwell's door in is own house and by only pulling the switch did they take him to the island. Was the purpose of the door is to magnify people to come to the door(to snatch them) or to make a light source the shadows couldn't make so they could grab Wilson that way.

The origin trailer just came back to my mind so I'm wondering just the purpose of Maxwell's door. The trailer and explanation is really fascinating but the door itself left in our world is really puzzling me.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.25.47 AM.png

For a bonus, take a look at the image above and then below. MaxwellTHEM forces Wilson to put lightbulbs on when they aren't needed. So what was the purpose of those lightbubs?

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.55.42 AM.png

just a prank wilbro.pngState your ideas, please.

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Doors require an entrance and an exit in order to transport anything. It is well shown that They and Maxwell have limited influence in the real world, Maxwell's door is essentially a catalyst. But exploring the concept of the shadow hands more.

The theme of using limbs as an extension of Their will is consistent. Maxwell and Charlie are pulled into the Codex by limbs, limbs attack survivor campfires, and limbs also pulled Wilson into the world. While some of Them do come out into the open, they are clearly aberrations that exist in nightmares. The presence of actual hands, which are normally a human feature, and the fact that in both their cinematic appearances they are paired; suggests that they likely have a consistent owner. Thematically, it would make more sense that this being is unique, and likely the strongest of Them if they have an actually stable humanoid form. This is amplified by the fact that in every canon appearance of the hands, they are performing exceptionally important tasks to Their will. Abducting survivors, or trying to kill them.

However it should be noted there is a distinct difference between shadow Charlie's arm, and the thin limbs that have been around since Maxwell and Charlie were abducted.


There is also a second theme of a tall figure. This figure appears sometimes at campfires, appeared in Maxwell's flat; and can be seen between the film reels of Maxwell's Final Act. The figure is also the closest of Them to being humanoid. By its more structured towering stature, having a prominent head and the outline of hair.


Finally, these two themes are also consistently seen together. Both the limbs and the tall figure can be found at campfires, and the tall figure also can be seen between frames right before Maxwell and Charlie are pulled into the Codex. The figure is a single identifiable character.

Thus, in all, it can be presumed that the tall figure watching over campfires is either an abductor among Them; or more likely due to its significant form is Their leader. The fact they are humanoid alongside the obscure nature of the world, the theme of nightmares and dreams could be inferred to mean that they, as a humanoid, were the original being who started everything. Seeing as they are the only being among Them with the appearance of a realistic being, meaning that if they are not just a nightmare, they are potentially the oldest living member of the plot. 

Which descends into the possibilities that they were a one of the Ancients who caused the disaster which spawned the nightmares, or the entire world itself may be generated from their own mind and they themself are some manner of magically ascended human. Again linking back to the possibility of a disaster causing the nightmares to emerge.

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