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I am thinking it's time to do a bit of playing with the local wild-life on the Asteroid. Anyone wanna play god? Of course you do.

  1. First the option to instead of killing or attacking a creature the option to capture it.
  2. A way to contain and store Captured creatures, I am thinking a 1 Tile high and 2 Tile wide cage, that can be made bigger if placed next to other cages. Made higher for floating creatures such as Pufts, or lower of crawling creatures such as Hatch or Morb.
  3. A new Science station, The Mutation Machine "Turns the genomes upside down and inside out!"

I am thinking this would be the thing used to domesticate creatures. Like the Hatch; you remove the nocturnal nature and it's aggressiveness and then feed it over time to get it fatter and fatter by feeding it dirt and then when your dupes are hungry enough you kill it for food!

BUT! Messing with animal DNA is a bit controversial, not to mention VERY advanced stuff. So I am not sure if it's a feature they'll actually include. I see a second use in this machine, the ability to advance Algae. With The Mutation Machine you take algae and mutate it into a sustainable plant that cleans up OC2 and release  O2, but unlike Algae Terrarium which does the same, this would be a more stable plant, (maybe taking up more room) that doesn't need to be refilled with more Algae, only watered from time to time. Maybe similar alterations could be done to Mealwood to produce more fruit. Briar plants could be changed so they produce flowers and provide more decor. Stuff like that.

  • I am not saying this would only come with benefits though! Maybe the mutated Algae plant will take up room for two terrariums, but only produce oxygen of one terrarium. Maybe making the Hatch non-hostile would make it consume oxygen. Maybe the fruit of a modified Mealwood plant can't be used to make Lice bars.

It's almost endless possiblities!

What do you think? What living organism would you want to change or modify? Comment below.

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19 hours ago, Zezarict said:

What would I want to change or modify? My Duplicates, of course!

I am sure that would be considered even more unethical than mutating animals.

But what would you like to change? Make them consume less food or less oxygen? Make their stress increase at a slower rate? How about getting rid of downsides that you dupes comes equipped with?

And what would be the downside to mutating your dupes? They can't work during the process, they consume more food or maybe they're a slight chance they're simply KILLED in the process?

What is your thoughts on that?

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There's games about torture, slow deaths, already about genetic manipulation and drug slike in bioshock...it's not like it would be considered "bad" in this game.

I'd say they couldn't work while it's happening, and there's a chance of side effects or outright death.

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