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Found 4 results

  1. Ive decided to finally make some lore. here goes nothing… Chapter 1: euueueegh Say pal… "Huh?" I opened my eyes, only to close them again; I was looking at the sun. I get up and look around. "I'm in the wilderness" I declared. "Euueueegh... I dont want to be here...", in heinsight though, I probably needed to get out more. I studied the surrounding area, more closely ths time. I see trees, flowers, berries, boulders, tall grass, and other natural flora. I go and begin collecting everything that seemed edible. I came across a colony of unusual bees, only to be swarmed by them. I found a pond, with frogs, who also tried to kill me. It was weird, this place seemed so peaceful, yet, suddenly hostile. By nightfall, it hadn't crossed my mind to make a fire; I figured one night in the dark wouldn't hurt. Boy was I wrong.
  2. Mandrake as a pet?

    Dusk works too...
  3. Do you like the idea of durible houses that you are constantly haveing to go and get spider silk, rocks and pig flesh to keep them standing? Also you have to get candles (That also run out of durability.) to keep the inside lit, candles are made with beez wax and grass tufts. Please leave you'r thoughts to this.
  4. Wildlife I'd like to see: Bears - large omnivores with big claws that can run much faster than you might think. Bears should hit hard and raid your camp for food. We may not have gorillas, but a 400 ton bear can do whatever they want! Especially raid bee hives! Wild Boars/pigs - Pigmen might fill this nitch eventually. Boars are large and incredibly destructive on an environment. Also omnivores, they eat roots, they own offspring (really), and the males have sharp tusks. Lots of meat, but the destruction of resources would be a reason to kill them or keep their numbers down. Mountain Lions/Pumas/Cougars(all different names for the same critter) - the temperate zone equivalent of leopards. They shouldn't look to bother you, but should be almost certain death to fight. Also, they would compete for beefalos (sp?) and large meaty animals. Don't ever tick them off. Sphinx - wanders around coughing up riddles. Gives out tips or goodies for getting the right answer; just don't get the wrong answer. ##Pets## Hawk - dive bombs monsters in a fight, giving you a small bonus. He won't be killing any for you, but he will speed things up, especially with large monsters. Cat - Adds bonuses for using magical spells (we are getting those eventually, right?) Weasel - Slinky and makes you stealthier. Creatures won't see you as easily. Owl - Big eyes glare at enemies, making them think twice before attacking you. Lower lvl aggroing enemies are less likely to attack you with the owl staring at them like that. Possibly limited to night time use only. Eagle - daytime version of owl, if owls are only usable nocturnally. Eagle sees what you're trying to do there. Fox - basically a walking animal trap for rabbits and other animals that can be caught with a trap. Fox will catch these animals and bring you morsels if you travel with him. He's not strong enough to back you up in a fight. Deer/mules/something you can ride: Mount that helps speed up map travel. Unicorn - is translucent and sparkly. Stands near your garden and makes things grow faster. Skips and frolics when following you. Also fertilizes it with rainbows. Some awesome large mythical monster - equiv of a pigman and will defend you in combat. Jackal-ope - Makes you lucky in random things (crops grown, stuff found, etc.).