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[Theory] The Mealwood isn't plant?

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First thing first, I'm apologist about my bad english. I hope you can understand what I want to tell my theory. And is just my own theory, you can debate or tell your opinion too! I love to hear what your are thinking.

Back to topic. The Mealwood isn't a plant? So in my opinion, Mealwood is a bug. Not just a mere bug, is colony's bug form. Like ant or bee. 

on the first sight, is shape like coral still development to coral form until it fully grow. When is full grow, the little white chubby caterpillar run around the coral thing (so I call this thing is hive) breath the breathable gas to generate energy source for living and feeding, the prove is when they lack of the gas what they need, they wither and when they die they drop a Mealwood Lice (a pun about Rice - Lice) for the dupe for eating. In the same time when you just dig a Mealwood or they wither they drop a Mealwood seed. Do you know what really is? yeah, is a Queen in cocoon form of Mealwood. it use nutrition from ground what they live and breathable gas to grow. they grow slowly but surely when they alway have enough of nutrition and air. This queen grow the coral shape colony and give birth the little mealwood lice, and when they fully grow they just run around and waiting for dupe come to pick it (I don't know why they doing this but is still can save the dupe for hunger, is still okay, Right?) Next is when our dupe harvest in exact time, the hive is collapse and pop out a seed. is just like the bug when the time to find a place to build new colony in every time of year. But the mealwood just pop on the ground, waiting for someone put them in the ground and they can grow again in cycle.

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You ask why the lice just sit around waiting to be eaten? what if this is their way of reproducing.. just waiting for a rock dweller to eat lice from 2 different colonies, bringing the DNA together in beautiful union in their stomachs before a new queen can burst forth :D

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