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I need a way to sweep an entire category with one click

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Yeah. This has bugged me for a while. I figured we could just double-click a thing and it selected all of them on screen, which would work for buildings as well, or at least have a 'sweep all' button on the bottom of the pop-up when you select something.

The issue with the 'set container priority and select object' is that the container THEN is only limited to that ONE thing, ie, the seed. And if I wanted to use that same container to put everything else, there would be no way to, for example: (Seeds in place of 'specific thing')

  • Put all seeds in container.
  • Now I want to put everything in that same container.
  • More seeds appear later, but I want them to always be moving the seeds to that container. A kind of 'high priority' for sweeping seeds.
  • I set the container back to just seeds, but now everything falls out because I am telling it to only have seeds.
  • But I need it to be only seeds, otherwise they will not know that storing the seeds is a high priority.
  • If I then place it as everything, I no longer have the container to have a high priority for seeds.

And it would be a waste to have a container with empty space, except for seeds, just because I want seeds to be a high priority.

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